Friday, December 28, 2012

The Pope's Mule is More Powerful than the Armies of Napoleon

Well, I thought I would not write anymore in English because I do not manage this beautiful language well enough to express myself as clearly and freely as I'd wish, and btw, I have begun to write in french (, - then you would ask why writing in English ? Not a fantasy but the world reads English and what I research concerns the most of us ...

However, it is now 12 years I read and search 'What Really Happens', and I just had the sentiment of what "The Strongs" intend to do with "The Weaks": exhaust them, have them splitted in billions of interests, make them too weak to even see or desire their interest, not even mentioning the truth, that is, exactly as it is - and has always been - "they" are the strongs, and intend to remain so, as much strong as possible, always, and they allow the weak to get a fractional part of their power only in serving "them", their matrix, body and soul. And, "they" do have nowadays planetary power with no escape. Basic stuff isnt'it ?

In this aim, they use anything and everything, one thing and its contrary, too much or too little; their first goal being to confuse, to disorient, to create so many compasses that not one can be trusted to point to the North ! Their primary goal is to make us weak, physically and morally, especially inside one's own self.

"They" have big goals of enslavement that are growing day after day, worldwide. You can be white or black, red, yellow or brown, rich or poor, believer or not, you are in their viewfinder, we are, yes, today and already, we are in their spider WEB, their matrix, but ...

Hope does not kill, ask the black people, in America at least, in the Carribean for sure, BUT, the word of choice in any argument in Fort de France, but, "their" matrix is not THE Matrix, and to the true and real Matrix, we are all connected, and our only hope in face of the power & the will of "them" is to unite, if not in reality, that is not really doable (?), in thought, in prayer, by heart, and, like the black slaves before they were able to walk freely down the street, let's sing gospels in our hearts, let's be good and forgivable, but before all ...


... not with guns but with unity, with health, physical and moral, with love in the heart for our fellow 'lab-human'. Let us be Men and Women, let's decide for ourselves on what is important in our futile and brutal world, let's go hand in hand with trust, with respect, as human beings craving for the best, not as fools accepting the worst, be it crowned with diamonds.

There is no 'dream' or mystical path involved here, it is the plain and simple hard rock reality you and I swim in worldwide, if not today (?) tomorrow. "They" are at it full steam, are you ?, with your husband/wife, your kids, your neigbours ... You YOURSELF ?? Yes, we must be strong ... together. Enough to 'fear the government' and not fear each other ???

THUS, whether we did not fear and despise each other, would we fear the government ? 

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Yes, they are indeed evil personified, but they represent everything that is also wrong with us. All of us are the NWO and if we want to not be the NWO we need to stop acting like them. Every time we cheat on our spouses, we are no different than John Corzine who cheated investors out of 1.2 billion dollars of secured investment accounts in MF Global. Every time we spread malicious rumors and lies about another human being, we are no different than what Ted Turner and Rupert Murdock do with CNN and FOX on a daily basis. You see, all of us are the NWO.
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”
When you come to realize that every human encounter possesses a nexus point with every other human being we encounter. In each instance, we have a choice to be honorable, compassionate and kind to another or to take advantage of them. You have a choice to chart a new path for humanity or to walk in the evil footprints of those misguided ones who have come before you. You can pick up the Cross and walk the path of righteousness. Or we can continue to serve and be ruled over by evil. If reading the Bible is not your thing (highly recommended), then you can try a more secular approach in reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention.  Both works espouse the belief that we can manifest our just desires with the correct type of prayers, or the correct seven prerequisite beliefs, in order to manifest a change upon the physical universe. Either way, evil can be defeated through nonviolent means. Please remember that evil begets evil. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Maybe it is time to try something that really works.
We have a choice my friends, but our window of opportunity is quickly closing