Neo "Moabites"

A place I would call Home !

Before thinking about a material place, I think about the people who would be around, children, women and men, because we don’t live alone, children the first. All people ought to feel free, in the first place, free themselves and free together. Freedom is the first condition of liberty, freedom, from the words of Nina Simone is feeling no fear, being not frightened, living not afraid. Before being a country, the place I could call home is a people and, inside it, a family.

A part of fear is psychological, one can be afraid of himself, of his thoughts, his desires, but another part is social, familial, tribal could we say. This is where moral comes by, morality, rules, law. During the prohibition, you could be shot for smuggling a bottle of alcohol. What is tolerance regarding to the law ? What action for a declared right can have tolerance for other wrongs overcoming by far the first questionable intent ? What if to sustain a king you have to kill those who don’t subscribe to the king’s law ?

Symbols have a hard skin. Do you owe me more than I owe you ? Do you pretend you  need from me more than I would ask of  you ? Pretending … So we are. Hear the flower open in the morning to greet the sun, will you get this on the moon ? Do we need laws to ‘protect the poor’ ? Which poor, or more accurately, whose poor ?

Inside the Jews who pretend to be so, inside Judaism that pretends to be what it is, there is some truth among a lot of embroideries, embroideries that not only are lies, fables, but soul killing machines. Not only do they not express the truth, not only do they make of their own thinking’s God law, not only do they hide the truth by diluting it and making of God’s words the tree of good & wrong supporting by this insane twist all possible depravation, not only do they not support the weak but they create a weak and lost people no better than North Korea, not only do they alienate half the jews from getting closer to God, not only do they give rights to anti-Semitism, not only do they mislead but they kill by the  hand of those ‘power to be’ they support instead of denouncing them and themselves as evildoers that are taking mankind to its tomb & together to their tombs, literally !! What I just said is good for all the priests on earth of any religion, cult, congregation, association of crooks and dumbs benefiting of the blessing of Cain.  

To many laws kill the law. There are for the Hebrews only 3 occasions in the year to celebrate together their faith to Hachem, Pessah (‘the people’ new year), Shavuot (God as Creator, nature’s blessing, linked to Shabbat ), Succot (the blessing of God as a Father, man as co-creator), and Kippur. All other laws (in that matter but it is in every aspect the same) are breaking the people’s unity, are making of the Jews slaves of empty man’s word instead of being co-creator of God’s living says.

Thus, coming back to the beginning, a place I would call home is a place where there is no fear of the other and no fear of having to do wrong, no fear for the children to be encouraged in wrong ways. If there is to fear anything on earth for humans, except natural events, it must be to side away from the evolution of the universe, in which we are included and which laws are greater than ours whatever they could be. These laws are visible by all, not only by scientists, they are laws of love and respect, and they talk of refinement, delicacy, astuteness … the Golden law.

One don’t walk out of the universe path without effects, that is for mankind in this hour a global issue. On the contrary, if we would with today’s means, we could help to mitigate natural adversity for all. Housing lacks in the overcrowded ‘nimrodian’ cities and slums, not in the country everywhere on earth. Good health is a natural blessing providing some basic needs of healthcare, sanitation, and preserving the natural link between man and nature. A place I would call home should have all these aspects, and so much more I am too little to imagine, loving cooperation brings incredible power, but it is so rare ... The contrary is the rule, egoism and domination, nightmares and orgies, any place for a (human) flower to blossom ? Some black hole souls have even hijacked a people for leading the world, let me tell you.

The Neo "Moabites"

The Holocaust as the final step of the hijacking of the Jewish people from inside by ‘Ashkenazim’
to grant themselves the power of impunity in their war over mankind

The term ‘Moabites’ is a reference to Joseph Ehrlich’s description of the stealth invasion of the Hebrews beginning with Ruth and leading to the destruction of the Temple through David and Solomon.

"43 - The stranger that is in the midst of thee shall mount up above thee higher and higher; 
and thou shalt come down lower and lower.
He shall lend to thee, 44 - and thou shalt not lend to him; 
he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail."

Not to repeat the error of the original Moabites, in destructing the people they successfully corrupted, the (Ashkenazim) descendant of the Rothschild and Co. used the Jews to create for themselves a permanent and almighty shield against their Jewish names of eastern European origin. The best shield ever was to make the world eternally indebted to the Jewish people. This time, they pre-destroyed it !!! This is their ‘David Shield’, a ‘Rot Schild’.

WWII had a lot of goals for these devils among us. They had to break forever the old German remnant of the Saxons European royalties, they had to create their schield and inflate the numbers of ‘Ashkenazim’ in order to drive their new puppet land, Israel. There was so many Jews in Europe before the Second World War, at least not enough by far (do your research, this is not the point here but, for example, there was before WWII some 200.000 Jews in France of which around half were sent to death, this number comprising already a lot of east European Jews who fled the pogroms of Russia, Poland,, Romania and Hungary from around 1880 until 1936; some 175.000 came to France of which more than half went on to the Americas) to account of six millions Jewish deaths. 

Playing with the dead’s numbers  was meant to legitimize the Ashkenazim superiority in number over Sephardim and to acknowledge the world with Ashkenazim ‘Jewish’ names that were de facto meant to become untouchable. Ashkenazim are a modern creation to hijack the Jewish people from inside. Where from did the actual six millions American ‘Jews’ come from ?? And how is it possible they have such a disproportionate role in America’s public and private life … there is a conspiracy here, together with the Ashkenazim orthodox sects linked to the Jesuits, their ‘goy’ counterpart could it be said if those Ashkenazim where not themselves the first ‘goyim’.  This conspiracy is but a part of the world’s conspiration that settle all the different branches in a common platform.

A few means went along this project. A ‘cultural’ part where these Ashkenazim provided the ‘Kultur’ (movies, cartoons, news, music, ways of life), a technological one where they provided the blueprints of the future’s economical life (capitalism, communism …), and all this by creating and destructing.  Destructing the Jews, physically and spiritually, and a smaller of them than one think physically, destructing the faith of the people all around, destructing the independence of local communities (corporations, including corporations of faith !),  destructing the earth.  There is chaos on earth only relatively to the oppression of the powerful and the passivity of the people, these are the  two and only two parameters that count. If everybody everywhere does take one small step, then another and so on, with an unconditional, universally understood and shared aim, there will always be hope, until there is no more. 

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