'Stirrin’ It Up'

What is the soul if not the perfect embodiment of the individuality, the achievement of an eternal identity that escape the perishability of matter ?

Life comes from an indistinct whole, organized to the perfection because all is potential, all is resumed in a single law, that is, an existential object so tiny that it does not exist as itself except for the creation potential it harbors.

As soon as life came out of its original preexistence, that was not taking any reality shape, it took a direction, and anything knew was at the same time matter and void, life and death, beginning and ending. Entropy, the measure of disinformation, disorder, chaos in the universe, can only rise. Every identity created, from an atom to a man, brings a loss of the whole’s primordial unity.

The universe’s expansion gives the pulse of the rate at which individuality’s density is rising in created things. Individuality is the opposite result of entropy: as much as the primordial identity, that comprised everything, loses its ground, its density of information, as much as things separate from one another, the individuality of every new identity that appears is more complex, more original, more “one of its kind”.

And we can experience this first place as humans !! What is mankind’s driving force since its beginning ? : Pride, and its result, egoism – and all the following, law of strength, property, jealousy, greed ... The force that binds humanity’s evolution is at the same time the engine of its heartbeat, the root of individuality, the blood of life that counters death.

But maybe, we, human are here just for that, to overcome the natural fight between the force of expansion and the one of identification, between dispersion and concentration, between the nothingness of an empty sky and the all destructing gravity of a black hole ?

Man craves to succeed. Succeed in anything he can afford to, whatever it is as long as it brings him success, power and pleasure, food and games. Every man is what he is, from his birth, no escape except succeeding. The cult of the ego cannot die because it is man’s own gas to drive oneself up, but it can be used with wisdom and faith.

‘Be strong, proud, and even selfish … for doing good’. What mankind can do, relatively to all other living entities, is helping one another, for free, for love. Easy, so easy, anyone can do it. Doing so would fill our own natural purpose in building humanity as the crown species it ought to be, it would reverse the so-called culture of competition, of ‘modernity’, of technocracy.

Such a global achievement would put all the pretending religious people out of their forever empty churches, all the political business, all the profit business would close down. Man would work together, in all known fields and in all those that have been ignored, by the states end the corporations.

We did not want to live in the actual world directed by greed eaters. I don’t need 99% of what is created with the sweat of humanity. I want a world of happy families living in communities where they are happy from birth to death. No loneliness, useful work, local decision management, a new dawn …

Are You Happy ?

One man often finds it hard to cope with his own choices, to draw his own line in life; two people can sometimes agree on a common path for a certain time, three people barely ever agree to walk along, say ten, hundred …

One man doesn’t know well what he wants, who he is, where he would head to, how to make the part of ones dreams, of humanity’s truths and utopias, of what to expect from life. Mankind in a whole is like a huge undecided magma of opinions moving under the carapace of his own illusion, the illusion of becoming something other than what one is, the foolish desire of being greater than the ‘lower beast’ it sees each morning in the mirror, a natural human.

This is not a curse but a ‘natural event’ that is however unnatural to humanity as it should have become for long. This dreadful situation is only the other side of the coin. Man, like every other living creature has been blessed with a common though incredible trait of character, one loves who he is, from the frog to the eagle, from the ugliest to the beauty queen.

And then, he will not share his capacities, as little as they may look from outside, because he needs to nurture them to be able to live, to be who he is. Although the ego is the driving force of life, it somehow kills collective evolution. This paradox is rooted in science. The universe tends to specification and diversity; life aims at singularity and identy, with a cause, a way, a 'raison d'être'.

The loss of the primordial whole's perfection is compensated by the rise of an 'immaterial' matrix of individual identities discovering each other, knowing and loving one another. "Natural mystic blowing through the air" ...