Friday, December 28, 2012

The Pope's Mule is More Powerful than the Armies of Napoleon

Well, I thought I would not write anymore in English because I do not manage this beautiful language well enough to express myself as clearly and freely as I'd wish, and btw, I have begun to write in french (, - then you would ask why writing in English ? Not a fantasy but the world reads English and what I research concerns the most of us ...

However, it is now 12 years I read and search 'What Really Happens', and I just had the sentiment of what "The Strongs" intend to do with "The Weaks": exhaust them, have them splitted in billions of interests, make them too weak to even see or desire their interest, not even mentioning the truth, that is, exactly as it is - and has always been - "they" are the strongs, and intend to remain so, as much strong as possible, always, and they allow the weak to get a fractional part of their power only in serving "them", their matrix, body and soul. And, "they" do have nowadays planetary power with no escape. Basic stuff isnt'it ?

In this aim, they use anything and everything, one thing and its contrary, too much or too little; their first goal being to confuse, to disorient, to create so many compasses that not one can be trusted to point to the North ! Their primary goal is to make us weak, physically and morally, especially inside one's own self.

"They" have big goals of enslavement that are growing day after day, worldwide. You can be white or black, red, yellow or brown, rich or poor, believer or not, you are in their viewfinder, we are, yes, today and already, we are in their spider WEB, their matrix, but ...

Hope does not kill, ask the black people, in America at least, in the Carribean for sure, BUT, the word of choice in any argument in Fort de France, but, "their" matrix is not THE Matrix, and to the true and real Matrix, we are all connected, and our only hope in face of the power & the will of "them" is to unite, if not in reality, that is not really doable (?), in thought, in prayer, by heart, and, like the black slaves before they were able to walk freely down the street, let's sing gospels in our hearts, let's be good and forgivable, but before all ...


... not with guns but with unity, with health, physical and moral, with love in the heart for our fellow 'lab-human'. Let us be Men and Women, let's decide for ourselves on what is important in our futile and brutal world, let's go hand in hand with trust, with respect, as human beings craving for the best, not as fools accepting the worst, be it crowned with diamonds.

There is no 'dream' or mystical path involved here, it is the plain and simple hard rock reality you and I swim in worldwide, if not today (?) tomorrow. "They" are at it full steam, are you ?, with your husband/wife, your kids, your neigbours ... You YOURSELF ?? Yes, we must be strong ... together. Enough to 'fear the government' and not fear each other ???

THUS, whether we did not fear and despise each other, would we fear the government ? 

New Delhi: A Rape every 18 Hours ... At Least
Plea for Help from Chinese Labor Camp 'Worker'

Foxconn Anti-Suicide Nets

Yes, they are indeed evil personified, but they represent everything that is also wrong with us. All of us are the NWO and if we want to not be the NWO we need to stop acting like them. Every time we cheat on our spouses, we are no different than John Corzine who cheated investors out of 1.2 billion dollars of secured investment accounts in MF Global. Every time we spread malicious rumors and lies about another human being, we are no different than what Ted Turner and Rupert Murdock do with CNN and FOX on a daily basis. You see, all of us are the NWO.
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”
When you come to realize that every human encounter possesses a nexus point with every other human being we encounter. In each instance, we have a choice to be honorable, compassionate and kind to another or to take advantage of them. You have a choice to chart a new path for humanity or to walk in the evil footprints of those misguided ones who have come before you. You can pick up the Cross and walk the path of righteousness. Or we can continue to serve and be ruled over by evil. If reading the Bible is not your thing (highly recommended), then you can try a more secular approach in reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention.  Both works espouse the belief that we can manifest our just desires with the correct type of prayers, or the correct seven prerequisite beliefs, in order to manifest a change upon the physical universe. Either way, evil can be defeated through nonviolent means. Please remember that evil begets evil. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence. Maybe it is time to try something that really works.
We have a choice my friends, but our window of opportunity is quickly closing

Monday, August 20, 2012

Neither the 'Jews' nor the Romans Killed Jesus

BUT ... "the TIME". 

What I understand by "the Time" is the state of mankind by the Time. Nothing has changed since 2000 years (and much more), even if it doesn't looks like it, and if there was a change, it is not really for the good !!. Brute power is still leading to protect the greed and the depravity of the few that rule the masses. There are around a lot of good people who try to understand as I do what is the way to turn things the other way.

As we have learned of how a flock of birds or a shoal of fishes interact together, we see that people, who are non-stop watching each others to find out the latest trend, are interacting from close encounters as well as from far away, in thought like in action. Humanity is a whole, together with the universe, and the smallest move of one affects all. Nobody knows whether a small change in one individual, somewhere sometime, wouldn't be the trigger to reverse the steam once and for all (the famous butterfly effect, or poetically said: "Once you make a decision and work towards it, the universe conspires to make it happen" - Khalil Gibran).

As Tyler Durden says (How to Defeat Tyranny), we need rules of engagement, and his are truly bright ones. In the comments, there is a highly interesting answer called "The Virtues of a Disorganized Resistance" (Stephen DeVoy) that is very close to what I see as a path to change: 

"We believe that the only effective resistance is a completely disorganized, decentralized, and leaderless opposition. (...) Disorganization is invisible. The asymmetry of the relationship between organization and disorganization favors disorganization. Organization depends upon planning. Planning requires predictability. Disorganization cannot be predicted. This leaves organization at a disadvantage. (...) Disorganized movements rely upon swarming. Swarms are difficult to defend against. If you cut a swarm in half, you have two swarms. If you eliminate one of the resulting swarms, you still have a swarm. Disorganization breeds. Organization grows. The many and dispersed are a more difficult target than the large and concentrated. (...) The important thing to remember is that it is easier to destroy than to create that which is designed. Thus, the cost to those who lose the manifestation of their design outweighs by leaps and bounds the cost it takes to destroy it. That which evolves is cheap and when an effort is created to destroy the evolved entity, it merely mutates and evolves again, adjusting to the new conditions. As a process that fosters evolution, a movement based on disorganization will continue to survive, evolve, and expand without cost. The resource constraints placed upon the designed (e.g. government and corporate) and those absent from the evolved (a decentralized and disorganized opposition movement), favor the later."

But, one rule Mr Durden did not include is family education. The only and real hope stands on children, and family is the only ground to raise the consciousness for a lasting possibility of evolution in the right way. Education comes with example. Children are listening, are looking all ther time around to find examples to give them a path which is consistent with the aspirations of their idealistic souls rooted in goodness. Examples don't come out a TV set, a luxury car or a highly paid work. Examples come from love, love BETWEEN people beginning inside the family and expanding in the close circles where it interacts.

By love, I mean, understanding, attentiveness, care, share ..., it is the base, as Jesus found out, BUT based on the first commandment he did 
not support because he didn't get the true message in it, because this first commandment is all the time 
truncated in two and only the first part remains in light though it is understandable only in its whole:
 there is a God only if thisGod leads its people out of slavery, out of tyranny, out of Egypt that was at the time
 and place the world's 'illuminati' center, out of the power of a few over the multitude.

I love my people, and I fear the masters of war, of death.

Btw, if you know 'another God' that gave to humankind* the recipe of freedom, 
that calls mankind to beware of itself and of the 'masterisation' of humanity,
that put in the universe the seeds of love, of being happy together, of playing, 
of cheating, for fun ... Please tell me !!!

* Through the 'Jewish people' who, not only like Jesus failed to grasp the message 
but twisted it for their own power games, from down to up and up to down.

Protesting Spanish Cops: 

"Forgive Us For Not Arresting Those Truly Responsible 

For This Crisis: Bankers & Politicians"

Made in America Bis

"The Old One does not throw dice"


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

If Women Did not Exist ...

"Hear this word, 
ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, 
that oppress the poor, that crush the needy, 
that say unto their lords: 'Bring, that we may feast'."

Amos 4/4-5


Women are compartimentalized inside, to be able to fulfill their multi-dimentional existence, and that is probably the root reason why they are seen 'in parts' from outside, and not only physically ! Man sees his life as a hole, but women are multiple in their roles, with some dominating, the first one being, naturally, success in raising her child(ren). Women are a sum of instants because they cannot escape time. Time for them is counting from inside. A woman has many natural timelines in her life, on different beats, some longs, some shorts. Men have to create their own pulse,which they find hard to achieve, while women want to escape theirs, at times ... The two sides of a coin.

Woman naturally don't care so much where the boat is going to as long as they have a safe enough cabin for their children and themselves. No matter what the environment is, they don't compet for goals but for the time going, and its best stability. Women suffer most, in their children, when these lack a friendly, stable and honest environment, the family being the base camp, the arch that contains the 'ketuba' of peace and prosperity.

Women would not be who they are if men were really Men.



Women are the natural vector to transmit life. A baby doesn't become a girl in the same way it becomes a boy. A girl knows early on that she will become a woman, a status she has no desire and no way to escape. She is aware that she has to get prepared to succeed. She will have to be a teacher, a nurse, a cook, a hotel manager, a holiday organizer, an accountant, a hairdresser, a fashion adviser, a psychologist … at home, each day of her woman’s life, twenty four hours a day for a long, long time, and, …, and she’ll have also to work outside, sometimes ... 

This program has never frightened any girl, on the contrary, this is a hope, and somehow, a revenge for not being a man because, after all, a woman is a woman … only because she is not a man ! But, how any men could do what women do ?? Would men lose their appetite for power and lust, become loving, honest and sharing people, then women would reject being anything else than great mothers and the nest of love and hapiness of all mankind, children first. Men have to become their own masters inspite of dreaming to be the women's.

In society, the place of a woman stands between her father and her son, no matter if sometimes the father is the mother and the son a daughter. A woman's life evolves between these two entities, her parents and her children, the husband only coming in third place. A woman is never alone. She has always her son in consideration, born or to be born. 
Beyond your self, men, you are the representation of 'man' that her children will grow with, and if a woman comes to feel that something doesn't fit with her understanding about it, she won't hesitate to turn back. Every woman has already her own master, to whom only she is ready to obey, with no limit, her son. She is not ready to 'obey' anyone else, except her parents maybe, but not even G.d !! That doesn't mean she will not love the father of her children with all her heart but she cannot put aside both her time line and her understanding of priorities, because she is a woman, with or without a man, and as a woman, she knows best what is good for her and her child, better than G.d.

"Eve, this innocent child, was believing in her ‘Father in Heaven’. "It looks good" she said, meaning that if it where somehow dangerous, this may be a trap for her child, and she'd rather test it. She would not take G.d's warning seriously because she probably thought that G.d would not put a serious trap for her children, but He could have forgotten something ... She could have asked Adam or G.d but what, for a fruit ? In her mind, there was no breach of trust. Eve was believing in G.d, before like after the event, she didn't ask because she was sure of the answer, the fruit might give diarrhea to small kids, and maybe to men ...".

Eve saw herself nude only under adam's glance, afterward. She invited Adam to eat too because she had no previous example, she was not feeling guilt whatsoever until when she saw Adam's own reaction, then only did she become frightened for good ... but not for long.
Adam, on his side, initiated the revelation of the knowledge of the fear of a 'Supreme Power' Who has provided 'biologically' the ability to be aware of that right & wrong awareness, the sixth sens, the third eye.

Almost a billion go hungry worldwide

Monday, August 06, 2012

Man has No Right to Be Wrong

because man knows. 
What does he know ? 
To differentiate between Right & Wrong.
How does he know ?
Because he was a child.
And in doing wrong, man curses 
himself, the child he was, 
and his children as well
to whom he is the image of right.*

Man forget this knowledge, quickly, one of the first in his life, because when becoming adult, he enters a crystallized empire of power rules. And more, man as a child has been trained to understand and accept that, the world 'as it is' is the reality, and that his life's job is to propulse himself as high as he can to enjoy better the golden mirages of this taught reality that has nothing to do with right and wrong. As we know, there is much wrong around, but it is always justified wickedly, ignored or turned into right.

The problem is that, practicaly, we live in societies in which right and wrong have no value in themselves, in societies that are governed by accepted myths and advised selfishness, under the power of ... 'the people'. The root is that we fail to educate our children as we ought to; children are the trash can of 'grown up' people's bitterness who only forgot that they were children !! What 'old children' have become in a society they support as much as they dislike could be changed if only they thaught their children differently.

'No army no war, no soldier no army, no arm of  war no soldier'

But for this to happen, we should see things differently, wipe out our strange memories, shut the lock on Batman, Buddha, Betty Boop, Allah, The Beatles, Heineken, Jesus, John Wayne ... Poor us !!!
Children are not raised, neither by parents nor by society. They are groomed to become viable assets in the prevailing cultural environment, be it in Princeton or in Zimbabwe. Children are used twice, by their parents to be their front display (when they are not simply used as family pets or little slaves, officially or not, who cares ?), and by society to be the first consumer of its shit, physical, moral and spiritual.

And that is the reason why mankind stagnates in its power driven madness through millenaries. Man has an anomalous feeling of shame toward its childhood's memories because, most of the time, their childhood has ended abruptly, has finished too soon or was no childhood at all. Because to have a childhood, whatever childhood, you need a father and a mother, a family, a nest. Family is 'The Arch', and it is guarded by two Cherubs: a boy and a girl ... Neither the teachers, the grand parents, the friends are able to provide the roots that will give any child his strength for life. Life is 'Family-Based'.

Instead, they are taught that, being a little wrong doesn't hurt, that it may be necessary to follow a wrong way in order to reach a right aim, that one can never be fully right ... Mixing right and wrong in childrens souls from the ealiest ages. And this is the most terrible !!! When one is right, he knows it, the same for wrong, in a 'normal' world. But, when we are in a situation where nothing can be deemed right, or wrong, we fall in the categoty of 'not even wrong',and this is the blackhole of humanity.

"Regarding physics, Pauli was famously a perfectionist. This extended not just to his own work, but also to the work of his colleagues. As a result, he became known in the physics community as the 'conscience of physics,' the critic to whom his colleagues were accountable. He could be scathing in his dismissal of any theory he found lacking, often labelling it 'ganz falsch', utterly wrong.

This 'not even wrong' stuff in which mankind is bathing itself in since its beginning is the Damocles sword hanging over its head. It has destroyed 'civilizations', when they were separated in places and times, but now that 'civilization' is earth-wide, we should give a little attention to the time we drank our first glass of alcohol, and remember how delightful it was all the way down, wasn't it ? Every child can be the Messiah, some say, in their bittersweet stupid dreams. I say every child is a Messiah to his family !! (including the ones we've been) Women won't say the contrary ...

I don't say man can always be right practicaly, but, he, who knows he's doing wrong, has the ability to change it, and don't feel any dislike in doing wrong willfully, well, he's wrong big time ! (That is also the 'ill fate' of the ones of us that can help others, anyhow, and don't, and of those who 'know' and shut up ... the kapos)


Impact of Fluoride on Neurological Development in Children 

Granny power: Why grandparents ensured human survival

Child-trafficking: we must stop this barbaric practice

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Judge rules girl of 10 can choose to convert from Judaism to Christianity because parents can't 
agree what's best for her
(This little girl felt the family floor crumble under her feet, and since her mother failed to make her know who God is beyond her religion, following her father, she looked for the only rock to grasp in her fall, the illusion that merely replace reality, faith through religion, and the most nurturing of them, christianity. Children, ..., Humanity grows up with the security of love, love from the family: "But the children in these poems are like all children and the subjects that preoccupy them are universal: the fear of getting lost or not being loved by one's parents, as well as the desire for freedom and independence. "

Parents convicted in teen's 'honor killing'
Childhood Mistreatment Primes Brain for Mental Illness

Children among 100,000 executed in south Korea


Paul Féval's words (1846)

"We dream involuntarily of the happy age when the world in progress will know no more thieves nor speculators. We dream of the time when the key to these closed doors (of the Temple) will be lost, a time when the golden calf, abandoned on its powdery platform, will roar alone and call in vain for the converted crowd of his former worshipers.
We dream.
Some see a beautiful garden, in the future, instead of this formidable sanctuary, others trace by the
thought the symmetrical plan of a nice phalanstery; some would be willing there a church, some one
theater, in short, it would be best to make a hospital for the countless wounded from the deadly struggles of speculation.
Before the empty Temple, thinking  goes by also, but it is of the misery that grows in these corridors congested with hundreds of unhappy every day. One thinks of the stationary selfishness of the people who own and of unnecessary agitation of the proponents of ‘social sciences’: ones are silent and lock themselves inside their ruthless well-being, others chatting, alas! and struggle in endless contortions. They move, they blur, they shall endeavor, taking their imaginations for principles and axioms to their whims. You see them beat the slopes all day, and rush against what is with the sick anger of their weakness. If they became strong tomorrow, by chance, they would demolish; but they could not rebuild. Their heart are full of generous thoughts; they see the suffering and they are indignant, but in their foggy minds, there only is a poor novel begun in haste, of which they do not know the ending."

'Lisbon: explorers of their own limited and bloodthirsty view of the outside world'

"I think we and the Japanese people should be asking the following questions:

Can “we” really put the genome of the people on the same balance as “protecting livelihoods, the economy and the nuclear industry ?”

What exactly is this national security that coerces potentially a quarter to a third of the nation to carry a compromised genome ?

What is it that is so important to protect that even the genome of the Japanese nation can be thrown down onto the sacrificial chopping-block with a shrug of the shoulders and a look in the other direction ?

Why are we seeing the government become the enemy of the people in so many countries now  ?

What are we missing here ?

Is there some important secret we’re not being told, some crucially imperative necessity we’re unaware of ?

It feels like there’s some large, evil monster secreting itself in a dark corner of the room. Perhaps it will not be too long before we begin to perceive its true form."

Veterinary surgeon, president of the Ecosystem Conservation Society, Japan

Monday, July 30, 2012

Uncounscious Collective Suicidal Trend Emergence and Unexpected Results of the 'Divide and Conquer' Policy


 Iran urges baby boom !! and wants to prepare a survival or is it only reacting to the collective demoralization illness of highly traditional and paternalistic driven nations like Europe ?
It is not wealth that drives natality up but faith, even ignorant and illusory, no matter what the craddle. 
Looks like the nations claiming to have faith might not, for Iran at least. 

"By 2011, the most recent period for which figures are available, Iran's population growth had fallen to one of the lowest in region - 1.3%."

comment #2:
"This isn't an issue just facing Iran and Turkey. Demographics in most of the West show below replacement birth rates with two notable exceptions: the US and Israel. 

As David Goldman has noted in "How Civilizations Die", Iran went inless than two generations from women having about six children to less than two, a drop of historic proportions. Turkey shows almost as dramatic a drop, but within that overall drop there are significant differences: below average fertility among Turkey's educated and secular, above average for less educated and religiously conservative (which bodes well for Erdogan) but even higher rates for Turkey's Kurdish population ..."

Nazi Salute at the JO ?


 Fables and proverbs of "Aesopic" form existed in both ancient Summer & Akkad tradition in the 3rd century BC, some 5000 years ago. 450 years ago, though, La Fontaine put in verses many of Aesop's fables written 2500 years ago, and that is mainly how we know them today.

One of them, 'The oak and the reed', nice in itself, might be applied to broken people who manage to adapt and survive through the passing of many disasters, natural or not. In our today world, the two nations the most divided (and decried !) on earth are probably America & Israel. They have indeed many things in common. Both had to pass through many abusive storms, both have a very mixed population, both are incredibly divided about values and faiths. This is both the result of the 5000 yo too (!) 'nimrodian' divide and conquer policy and of natural events. 

People in a divided society, on the contrary of more monotheistic ones were social rules are a common ground, tend to become more introspected and more extremely divided in the appearance but they are also more tolerant, even against their will, and able to adapt in their 'outside' life. People in such conditions tend to become more like the reeds.

Like Iran, Japan for instance, is a very traditional and unipolar world, where values are the same from left to right and up to down. The declining birth rate those countries experiment used to be mainly the flag of Europe, at the bottom of the fertility rate (France, the most multicultural being the less achieved by the phenomenon) ... These nations seem to be the oaks (and most of Eastern Europe).

And, as fertility goes with faith, Africa is the winner in this hidden contest !!

"The mathematics of quantum mechanics very accurately describes how our universe works. And it tells us our reality is continually branching into different possibilities, just like a coral.” (Garrett Lisi)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Believers with no Faith

Artist or prisoner ??

Idolaters have faith. Man believes, even if he thinks the contrary.
Faith is a built-in particularity of man's mind.

"Faith is a strange thing !
 it is certain we can believe and not believe at the same time 
as the most credulous are often amazed when
 they find themselves, unexpectedly,
 in front of the object of their credulity
(Paul Féval)

Because more than anything, man needs hope to live. Hope is more essential in life than bread and water. And hope is faith.
This is where the shoe pinches. Man craves to fillful his need to believe, to satisty this built in feature, he is ready to throw in pasture anything that will satiate it, God - a 'Godly life', not a church's one -  or evil, or more critically, a glass of wine.

"People who fight without their knowledge are the best of all troops.
This army inspires no suspicion because it deserves none. 
She is honest, noble, proud, candid. 
It maneuvers hundred cubits above the vile intrigues it serves. 
But it serves them, and even more powerfully, 
it is never an accomplice. 
Those who know how to play the organ which has the great 
and terrible name "Mr Anybody" get magical results." 
(Paul Féval, 1869)

Man needs to believe and hope but, as one is never sure of the reality of the object of his inclination, and as this inclination is usually perceived as a weakness, man affirms loudly that he doesn't hope nor believe in anything or, on the contrary, he will follow blindly and with all his might what he utters to be his 'opinion', 'opinion' that has a wide wild range, depending on the place for the style, but of an equivalent level on the ground ...

"A dog knowing life boasts of his collar" (PF)

Time is ... Life !!

And the contrary.
Time is not money.
The problem is not the cost of time but the cost of life.
The problem is not the reward of an hour's work but what it implies on life, human life - and the earth's life -, to work for this hour.
The end is in the mean.


Time has a price, but this price is one of cost, yes, but the cost of the impact on life of work, and not the 'gain'; and of what this cost implies for life to sustain such a work, and not the contrary.

Because time is life, not money, not gain, not reward, not benefice.
Progress is not in the speculated gain, the envisaged result, the putative end.
Progress is how one spends his time in order to live, what it implies, and what it costs to life in doing so.
Progress is in how man spend his life, on what level, with what means.


Human life does not progress as it could - and as it should - because, instead of seeing the means, man sees the ends. This twisted way of 'believing', of perceiving life can be explain, for its origins and its developments,  and it is indeed but partialy on the net, however, this will never ever serve as a lever to change the awful reality in which mankind crawls since its very beginning.

This view has killing consequences. Man's life is cheap, but the weapons to eraise it are expensive, such as the miserable lives - except ten/millions -, spent worldwide to produce the parts. A small look at a simple news page says it all. And as always, children are the first preys, and woman - though some are part of it -.
Any good news ???

Btw, it looks like the world stage of war game is going on putting in place maritime potential triggers of a world war in the Middle East seas ...
Hmmm, already seen 40 'basic' Scud in 1991, what would it be now ? (worldwide ?!, nuclear ??)
And 'between' (!!) 70,000 to 750,000 (!!!)* dead human being, body and  souls, more than 99% Iraqi (Gulf war), a slaughter with all the deseases that reappeared for a long term, long years, months, days ...
And what the hell is going on in Syria !! and elsewhere !
Dude, how's the 'côtelette' ??

"Explosion of epidemic gastroenteritis, cholera and typhoid, in preventing operation of the centers of drinking water treatment and wastewater, ..., while the infant mortality rate doubled. The World Health Organization (WHO) did not record any cases of cholera in 1990, but more than 1,200 in 1991 and more than 1300 in 1994. The prevalence of typhoid was increased from about 1,600 cases in 1990 to over 24,000 in 1994".

* Wiki France, very 'confused' on Wiki English.,7340,L-4261923,00.html

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crime Insurance: Paying the Law with a Created Culprit

Have you heard of the 'public banquets' ? After 1789, God was an outlaw. Every church of any sort had been shut down. The law at one time forced the citizens to have dinner together outside their homes in the name of fraternity, under the eye of the new secular God, the 'Supreme Being'.


People at the time were so accustomed to believe in god that there was a 'natural' need to replace it with something of the same 'standing' . This was an innovation because for all the rest, Cesar was everywhere. Everything was roman except the gods.

"The Romans spoke by axioms, casting in the same bronze the error with the truth. They are the ones who invented the prodigious apothegm: "The exception proves the rule", with which Tartuffe, the dialectician, could put the universal logic in his pocket. They thought that they killed exception, but it's the rule they murdered by this bold lie. In their laws so, they often rise such highly debatable facts erected by them in solemn evidence." (Paul Feval, L'arme invisible, p7)

But there is smarter than Romans ... Jews, 'official' ones, I mean.

"According to religious law, an uncircumcised male isn't considered fully part of the Jewish community, Goldschmidt said. In order to change that we would have to convene a supreme Jewish religious court, which has not convened for the last 2,000 years," he (Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis) told The Associated Press."

This Goldsmith guy didn't invent anything. This comes straight, as he mentions, from a 2000 yo script that "Torah is not in the heavens". This is the story of Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus and the 'Oven of Akhnaï' that I understood thanks to Joseph Ehrlich

Not only man can create his own law, but God has to bow to it too. 
God is made the created culprit of man's vanity.

Stupidity as a rule don't kill the owner but the people who are blind enough to accept it as truth.

The Promised Land ?


Mankind is dying, from not enough good and too much wrong.
Mankind is dying the easy way (!) (west) and the hard way (east*).
Mankind is dying because a few kill it while a majority eats & dreams.

Always coming back to La Boetie, at least; there are no news under the sun.

Are we screwed with no hope ???

(*: all those who 'have not')

It is not in the streets that man ought to raise barricades but in his mind.

Barricades should be raised inside against all the perverse inclinations of the heart, and that should be more than enough to have us be happy and free, without any statement whatsoever.

The 'promised land' was supposed to house a people, a united people, a grateful and faithful people who would have remember its way out of slavery, happy to be together and free.

Alas, the contrary happened, and as everywhere else on earth, the hebrews succumbed to their own inability to live together freely. They fought themselves against their own possible happiness, like all other peoples on earth.

The 'promised land' could not exist in such a context and it soon dissapeared as such ONLY because the people was not A People.

This is exactly what happens to the whole earth, the 'promised land' of mankind. Instead of planting trees in the desert, instead of building beautiful and liveable cities, man has created asylum to house the broken souls of warlike towns, the desperate remnants of nimrodian states.

The 'promised earth ' is becoming more  and more of a hell where the craziest of us lead over a populace of raped humans with no strong enough desire to act out of their inside ghettos. Pleasure is the norm because no one learns of the past and no one (wants to) understand the roots of the conflict. Man is able to adapt himself to astonishing different living conditions, from the ice to the desert, from Manhattan to Haiti, but no human on earth goes the right way to reach an understanding of his own existencial needs, to the point that everyone fights for a 'better place' in the same 'system' that is killing him slowly, at best.


Drinking water worldwide is no more water but a lethal mix of slow killing components. Not only fluorid intentionally added but antibiotics, from cattle mostly, oestrogens from anti-pregnancy pills, nitrats from agricultural, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals from industries, human feces in India ...

G.d Needs NO Jewish Ziggurat


G.d needs a People, not a place where to worship him, NEKUDA (point).

 The Hebrews of old craved to be a people like all others surrounding them with a king and a place to worship. They did not understand, except for Moses, Yehoshuah Bin Nun and a handful of others how could they live without such an artificial front for their existence. They were not united in the heart and needed coertion, social and religious laws. G.d had predicted all that by giving them, in addition to the basic and normally sufficient moral laws the codes for building such a form of a society with all the appearances of a 'normal' people, He instructed them on how to create a place where He would show Himself behind a curtain to be worshipped as an 'ordinary god'.

The real tragedy of the Hebrews temple is not its destruction but its building. There was no need for a Jewish ziggurat, as it is shown contracted in the picture above but, in the absence of unity (see only the 'twelve explorers' story), and with a lack of experience, fully understanding AT THE TIME, it was not condemnable. But as of today, it is a shame not only to mourn the temples destruction but to want it rebuilt when no one understands the events signification, and when the temples' merchants thrive more than ever inside the Jewish people.