Sunday, May 20, 2012


(see doctored right eye and around)
Not only 'They' depict us, the workers, as ugly and useless but also
as abnormal and too numerous creatures on earth,
less useful  than disposable toilet paper.

(From the movie Brazil)

- possible origin of the name Buttle :

Umberto Eco, in 1979, wrote: “A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection—not an invitation for hypnosis.”

Does this guy know who he is ?

The Montreal Gazette. October 25, 1985, 
 "From 1904 to early 1906, when he returned to Berlin, he lived with Else involuntary exile…  in France, from where he paid H. G. Wells a few visits in his Sandhurst villa just across the Channel."

From war games to mind games, or the contrary ? 

HG Wells: prophet of free love

"Author of more than 100 books, he was also a prophet of the sexual revolution.

Does this guy has something to tell he never dared to ?

Well, looks like Henri Makow is going to help him on this one, at least, on the stage of the 'Teatro Grande'.

"People are sheeps to be farmed like other animals", do believe some treators of the human race, and such, as written in the Protocols that Makow uses so much, you got to have them being voluntary slaves happy to be (looks like the only one who cannot be accused of forgery must be Etienne de la Boetie !). 

"So, give them good AND bad, from the same tree the apple came from, feed them with crunchy illusions and soapy mysteries, that's all we need to stay on top." This is what Makow does a lot more than Rense who is the grocerie boy against the shopkeeper ...

"Answers to queries about the morality of extramarital affairs or the treatment of elderly relatives sometimes provoke heated, or chilly, reactions between married partners. Friends often surprise one another with unexpected opinions, and business relationships can be affected. "After I played it with my attorney," says Carl Eisenberg, vice president of Maruca Industries, Scruples' U.S. distributor, "I told him, 'I don't think I want to do business with you anymore.' " Makow, however, knows that too much seriousness spoils the spice. So he has included a generous sprinkling of lighter quandaries (do you mention a friend's bad breath to him, do you tell another player you have seen his answer card?) and imaginary situations (you are a politician . . .). But even the picayune posers are intended to provoke. Says Makow: "

The small decisions are very important. People love to talk about these everyday moral dilemmas."

Here we are again at deceipt, confusion & co. In his latest article, venerable millionaire Mr Makow just says it: no matter what, you're slaves, and he just says in two sentences : "

"The ranks of unhappy slaves is swelling. We must welcome the new recruits, forgive them their pragmatism and educate them on the way forward: 

Expose the Illuminati and deprive them of their sources of power."

But he cannot care to say who we are, neither can he ... he leaves that to us (happily so !!) :

However, "who we are" is as simple as it is complicated and in the end inexplicable. Here, best learn from the 'book of life' than from Harvard, Oxford or Malow !!