The Bottom Line


‘Oh people, will you spill the wine on the ground because the winemaker is a miserable ?’


“Hear Israel, God is our God, God is One”

As I said, this is The recipe to mankind’s success because it is up to us to solve our destiny together and not to wait for anyOne else for that purpose. My father used to ask: “Where was God during the Shoah ?” I answer: “Where was man during, before and after this, and any other human tragedy ?”

The above concise prayer is the shortcut of the two first commandments.

-         “God is our God”: God is ‘The One’ Who took a people out of (accepted) slavery.
You might say, yes, but God used ‘miracles’ to take the Hebrews out of Egypt. Yes, but the real ‘miracle’ was not what it appeared to be. It is a much greater and altogether much simpler ‘miracle’ than anyone might think of. The miracle was not to shower unnatural disasters from nowhere, it was to have a people act in synchronicity with natural events, as incredible as they might look, in other words, to synchronize a people’s unraveling with the universe evolution, man’s time with nature’s clock.

Believe it or not, any other explanation is wrong; this is what happened in Reality.

-         “God is One”: God is the Creator; any other belief in anything else is solely a creation of man’s mind to embody his dreams and absolve his passions, to give oneself a ground in order to idolize the ego, to settle oneself as the center of life, to make of oneself the creator instead of the creature. Passions are many but truth is one. Man is inventing ‘systems’ instead of learning from ‘The System’; maybe only scientists are on the way of truth, despite overstating their ‘discoveries’. Pride. Pride is good for the lion as it is for man, as long as pride has its base on our primordial nature, humans from the universe (and is this less than anything we could invent ?) … no more than a lion, no less - nature including morality rules that are not 'man made'.

Religions have perverted the sense of God - as politicians the sense of justice and corporations the one of work & trade. Religious leaders are, though, the highest culprits by far, because they all know what their game is about (power), because they foul the soul and give a green light to despotism.

God did not tell Abraham, Yossef or Moshe: “Save your soul” but: “drive your people out of idolatry”. Life is not an individual challenge in the first place but a collective task to work out together. God was the first to teach mankind: “We, the People”. God told Abraham (the seed - God Creator) that he will be a great People, Yossef that he will save his People (the sprout - God Mother) and Moshe that he has to lead the People (the plant - God Father) out of Babylon, Egypt. “It is not man who takes the sea, it is the sea who takes man”; it is not man who takes God, it is God who takes man. As long as God is a ‘personal God’, this is not God. As long as God is crafted by religions, by human’s codes, there is no God. 

Religions hold people spiritually hostage to their fears and dreams, religions are killing God.

There are more gods on earth than ways to cook an egg. Among all those gods and idols, only one wasn’t chosen by man for himself, only one did show to mankind that in walking on the right path, it will be in accordance with the universe’s supreme force, only one did show to mankind the door of individual freedom and collective happiness on earth, only one did chose man. Then, to the point, because God revealed Himself and in a way imposed Himself as the only and real God, and although this is The God man was looking after from times immemorial without finding Him ever, because He showed to man His face and His love He had to be thrown out for man to go on reigning alone. Jews are the sole people on earth that had to kick God out of its way, which it did all the time now and then, officially beginning with the ‘firing’ of Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus in the story of the “Oven of Akhnai”.

The net result of the Jews and mankind stubbornness is that people sell their children to slavery, whether golden or desperate, without helping each other, without doing an iota for things to improve over ages. Sodom was a figure case, Sodomites where at least happy in their sodomy, we aren’t any more. Our children are confronted since their birth to a Sodom like world, they cannot hide themselves, they are dragged by their hairs by us into the abyss of shame, they can’t even hide in caves like the Essenes or the Buddhist monks, there is no place to escape, life’s end is the only door to humanity’s death row.

The Illuminati’s (NWO, Powers to Be, Moabites, Nimrodians or Whatever) project is a worldwide division, confusion and slow degeneration of mankind, physical and moral, intellectual and spiritual into a Sodom like state where some ‘enjoy’ and rule easily. They work to make social evolution look a natural process when it is directed, invented & crafted by the wickedness of these powerful who push up, slowly but continuously, the stupidity of individuals - and more so of the masses, the illnesses, moral and physical, by feeding them with both good & bad things, wars and circus, abundance and famine, hate & glory, religions and sports, atrocities and wonderlands, making all that look natural, normal. They have got man see himself in the mirror as an abject species, able of the most horrific crimes, daily so, as an incapable social species, as an impotent, an invalid, a creature viable only on life support.

That’s All Folks !!

Many ideas you can find here… well, nowhere else in the world, past & present, can they be found.

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