Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crime Insurance: Paying the Law with a Created Culprit

Have you heard of the 'public banquets' ? After 1789, God was an outlaw. Every church of any sort had been shut down. The law at one time forced the citizens to have dinner together outside their homes in the name of fraternity, under the eye of the new secular God, the 'Supreme Being'.


People at the time were so accustomed to believe in god that there was a 'natural' need to replace it with something of the same 'standing' . This was an innovation because for all the rest, Cesar was everywhere. Everything was roman except the gods.

"The Romans spoke by axioms, casting in the same bronze the error with the truth. They are the ones who invented the prodigious apothegm: "The exception proves the rule", with which Tartuffe, the dialectician, could put the universal logic in his pocket. They thought that they killed exception, but it's the rule they murdered by this bold lie. In their laws so, they often rise such highly debatable facts erected by them in solemn evidence." (Paul Feval, L'arme invisible, p7)

But there is smarter than Romans ... Jews, 'official' ones, I mean.

"According to religious law, an uncircumcised male isn't considered fully part of the Jewish community, Goldschmidt said. In order to change that we would have to convene a supreme Jewish religious court, which has not convened for the last 2,000 years," he (Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis) told The Associated Press."

This Goldsmith guy didn't invent anything. This comes straight, as he mentions, from a 2000 yo script that "Torah is not in the heavens". This is the story of Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus and the 'Oven of Akhnaï' that I understood thanks to Joseph Ehrlich

Not only man can create his own law, but God has to bow to it too. 
God is made the created culprit of man's vanity.

Stupidity as a rule don't kill the owner but the people who are blind enough to accept it as truth.