Who Laughs the Last

How much is a People Responsible of its Leaders when they prove to be Tyrants ?
… And which are the ways to recover the natural course of a government serving ‘the people’ and not the contrary ?

Although the answer might look different in regard to open or hidden tyranny, it is the same.

History is full of peoples who have thrown out their despotic masters to better succumb to a worse tyranny, albeit sometime hidden by the outlook - democracy. Then, as there is no official master to fight against, truth can arise: the game lies inside the people itself.

And, indeed, contrary to what it may seem, ‘we the people’ have the power.

See, Tyrants & their minions rely on us to produce and consume, to act for them. All we have to do is stop consuming what support their power, fuel, medicines, games, money. Let’s live with less and less money, less fuel, less of everything, downsize ! Keep our money not in the bank, let’s use non-governmental currencies, let’s trade directly. Let’s starve the kings with their own tools.

If the trend goes ‘viral’, even a little from each other will do the trick. Let the banks crack, let the military deplete without soldiers, let the priests look at empty churches. Let’s get a grip together at our own business: life.

YOU, WE are Responsible of YOUR, OUR Chains, not ‘THEM’ ! Just let them vanish in a glimpse !!! ‘The West’ responsibility is enormous, the waste represent the sweat of ‘the East’ as well as its own chains. Stop consuming, people, your souls are shrinking !!! Yes, stop buying drinks at the petrol station, buy lemons at the market; stop buying new cars at the dealer’s, repair yours at the mechanics; buy bikes, hand tools, seeds, plant trees, share help, send your kids to help old people, throw all TV’s to the bin, organize local events, second-hand markets, communal parties, sport teams, whatever !! Stop looking at the 'successfuls' kissing and welcoming each other, be successful yourself ! Stop watching, do it yourself, with your neighbor, teach your sons football, your daughters cooking ... Live and share, reduce your dependency, stop holding the tyrants with your own hands, serve yourselves, you, us, our children, yes, beautiful, loving people, Let's 


 Nothing is said forever, who laughs the last …

One is alive until we die ... justice brings peace of mind.

When we die, only the soul stays and, as it is the moment of death, you die in peace ... or not, in the absence of peace, in a lack of being, in desperation because we do not have more time to repair ...   justice. Souls thrive for justice, ultimately !!

Justice feeds on good, and at the last moment, it is the good that gives the soul its 'weight', it is goodness that tipps the balance of hope.

Hope not only makes one live, it makes in this case survive! It is not bread that gives life, it is justice; that are not disease, accident or old age that kills, it is evil, vice and crime. Injustice, slander, revenge ... are more deadly diseases than their biological counterparts that are often caused by them in premium.