Friday, April 20, 2012

Fish Island Marina, Florida - PHOTOS

Shooner 'Freedom' coming from the ocean at a grey sunset, 04/2012




Donald's 'home' 

a wholly teak built house, made of the wood of  this ship (as is the office) :

Capitaine Hugh Mitchell, canadian, 77, at 'home'

He welcommed me, 
He is a man who lived a whole life based on hope, 
on trust in the other and on love of the sea,
he did a transat on the 22 foot right down.

I also met a good friend of Hu, Captain Ira Murphy,
who passed away not long after, a kind and
trustworthy experienced  gentleman sailor;
he was 84 years old ... on the sea since age 16 !

He had been a crew of the SS Meredith Victory 
that performed the largest humanitarian 
rescue operation by a single ship, 
the "Ship of Miracles" (Korea, 1950).
Thank's to this sailor, I could sleep 2 weeks in his boat

Why the '...' near home above twice :

The above boat belongs to the owner of the marina. 

The same kind of schooner was 'used' to build Donald's home and an office house nearby. This owner is doing a kind of bargain with the people who work here. They get no pay but they have a home for free, even on the water like the one of an old woman, painter and photographer, that can be seen on the pic of the Harley, in the back right (post named Fish Island Marina), and a lot of free time to make money if possible. 

All of them are great people, living on little, helping each other, sort of a small peaceful community. They are many of the kind across America based on a lot of different sort of people, like the 'ex-Hare Krishna' in Lacrosse ! They welcome strangers on their principles, provided they fit, honestly, and that there is a place for them ... kind of local barter.

They have guns, because in America, if you hang a sign reading:"Posted, No Trespassing", you can shoot, really,  (but not in town because of the noise !), you can say that the trepasser was menacing you in your home but, one uses guns only to kill venomous snakes, I saw that. 

In fact, as elsewhere, delinquancy is the lot of the suburbs, the cities. In the countryside, also, you are known , and maybe treated accordingly if you do wrong... Lots of police everywhere, even more by night.

Americans are much more straight than Europeans, not mentioning asians. Maybe is this because they have been mixed with blacks for so long ? 

Black people, as poor as they can be, and except the ones addicted to drugs, are prouds of themselves, but not as something to show, what they will do anyhow, but as their reality of life, sort of loving the moment, powerfully. They like strength as much as whites like materiality. That's why, when they play music, they live it, physically, naturally could be said. 

We all have something special, naturally, sort of 'built in type' from our genetic, and there is among mankind, as there is for other species, different types, each one with a different potential that, with intelligence and love, is 'designed' to serve all, to progress and understand life, and also not get bored of one's limited abilities !!!

I found americans can prove very trustful, and helpful like the two old women who spotted me whan I was hitchiking between St Augustine and Titusville and gave me from the window of their car a bottle of water... with 6 $ wrapped to it by elastics, that at first I did not see, or that young black near Daytona who turned over in his Mustang to give me 5, as if somehow,  he had too much and a little less will prove good for him .... That's downsizing, isnt'it ? 

Everywhere I stopped, people have been helpful, and so was I in a case of a black woman who was sitting on a bench, by 11pm, at a bus stop of
Daytona Beach, with an incense stick planted on a side, waiting ..., she got my hitchhiking's "earnings".

I was looking to finish my journey that day, and after having walked 10 miles or so, I sat on the same bench half an hour waiting for the last bus to advance me a bit, so, meanwhile we were talking little, she said she had her 11 daughter taken from her a few months ago, placed in a foster care. She had no job, no ressource, only a day care place where to sleep a little, she was exhausted, physically and morally. She was crying silent tears.  

Children also can be in state of distress by a young age around, especially those of the so-called minorities. And when you see that these 'minoroties' are the only ones to have children, and families ! 

'Long time' americans are working old here, workers are old, and tired, like the women of the 7/11 shop pictured down, the bus driver or the hairdresser. They are tired to work for being enslaved ! Their eyes are very opened on their situation and America's.

Titusville is half empty and for sale, like many other places I've been told, Detroit being the more reknowned. The country was designed on a big scale, 'they' saw big, but the 

did not renew itself fast enough on the long run. 

Maybe because, on one side, working for materiality does not allow annoyances, like children, each american is his own child to care for (!), but on the other side, it is by design, from 'outside', meaning institutions, corporations who obey a master plan (like China !). 

Americans have been leaded for most of them to a big point of despair, but they are still trying to be happy, at least trying to show it, mostly by day time because electric bills are high. 

Europeans are richer, by a two fold might I say, but in the same ratio less friendly, more individual dreamers, and more hooked in the end on materiality. However, America and Europe have in common to be both of them kind of lost, of hopeful in some savior but not knowing which one ... 

American, like most of the peoples on earth, are not the way that they are portrayed by the medias that focus on crimes that the governements create together with the 'private' industry supported by all religions. 

"They" want the peoples to feel bad, like the song, "they" lead us into despair. In reality, I am happy to see that in many places, in Europe too must it be said, people manage to get along and not hurt too much one another, but countless are harming themselves in return, too bad.