Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dominica, Organized Poverty ...

Public benches, by the day home to some hungarian tourists from the near by low cost cruise liner, 
by night home to people like the guy I met who had not eaten for 2 days

Picnic by the streetlight

I don't have other pics than the few I took from my hotel room for it is forbidden to take any 
photo when in the whole island but, what I saw is not what you see when doing a Google search !!
I saw extreme poverty, deepless misery. No work, no shop 
(cigarette paper is sold by the leaf !!), 

no roads, no schools, scarse electricity, a lot of (not running) water, no nothing, 
life in its most basic expression, especially for the Carib indians in the NE part

A few pics I could have taken, should I have not been forbidden 
by the taxi driver to take pictures... according to the law