Wednesday, August 08, 2012

If Women Did not Exist ...

"Hear this word, 
ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, 
that oppress the poor, that crush the needy, 
that say unto their lords: 'Bring, that we may feast'."

Amos 4/4-5


Women are compartimentalized inside, to be able to fulfill their multi-dimentional existence, and that is probably the root reason why they are seen 'in parts' from outside, and not only physically ! Man sees his life as a hole, but women are multiple in their roles, with some dominating, the first one being, naturally, success in raising her child(ren). Women are a sum of instants because they cannot escape time. Time for them is counting from inside. A woman has many natural timelines in her life, on different beats, some longs, some shorts. Men have to create their own pulse,which they find hard to achieve, while women want to escape theirs, at times ... The two sides of a coin.

Woman naturally don't care so much where the boat is going to as long as they have a safe enough cabin for their children and themselves. No matter what the environment is, they don't compet for goals but for the time going, and its best stability. Women suffer most, in their children, when these lack a friendly, stable and honest environment, the family being the base camp, the arch that contains the 'ketuba' of peace and prosperity.

Women would not be who they are if men were really Men.



Women are the natural vector to transmit life. A baby doesn't become a girl in the same way it becomes a boy. A girl knows early on that she will become a woman, a status she has no desire and no way to escape. She is aware that she has to get prepared to succeed. She will have to be a teacher, a nurse, a cook, a hotel manager, a holiday organizer, an accountant, a hairdresser, a fashion adviser, a psychologist … at home, each day of her woman’s life, twenty four hours a day for a long, long time, and, …, and she’ll have also to work outside, sometimes ... 

This program has never frightened any girl, on the contrary, this is a hope, and somehow, a revenge for not being a man because, after all, a woman is a woman … only because she is not a man ! But, how any men could do what women do ?? Would men lose their appetite for power and lust, become loving, honest and sharing people, then women would reject being anything else than great mothers and the nest of love and hapiness of all mankind, children first. Men have to become their own masters inspite of dreaming to be the women's.

In society, the place of a woman stands between her father and her son, no matter if sometimes the father is the mother and the son a daughter. A woman's life evolves between these two entities, her parents and her children, the husband only coming in third place. A woman is never alone. She has always her son in consideration, born or to be born. 
Beyond your self, men, you are the representation of 'man' that her children will grow with, and if a woman comes to feel that something doesn't fit with her understanding about it, she won't hesitate to turn back. Every woman has already her own master, to whom only she is ready to obey, with no limit, her son. She is not ready to 'obey' anyone else, except her parents maybe, but not even G.d !! That doesn't mean she will not love the father of her children with all her heart but she cannot put aside both her time line and her understanding of priorities, because she is a woman, with or without a man, and as a woman, she knows best what is good for her and her child, better than G.d.

"Eve, this innocent child, was believing in her ‘Father in Heaven’. "It looks good" she said, meaning that if it where somehow dangerous, this may be a trap for her child, and she'd rather test it. She would not take G.d's warning seriously because she probably thought that G.d would not put a serious trap for her children, but He could have forgotten something ... She could have asked Adam or G.d but what, for a fruit ? In her mind, there was no breach of trust. Eve was believing in G.d, before like after the event, she didn't ask because she was sure of the answer, the fruit might give diarrhea to small kids, and maybe to men ...".

Eve saw herself nude only under adam's glance, afterward. She invited Adam to eat too because she had no previous example, she was not feeling guilt whatsoever until when she saw Adam's own reaction, then only did she become frightened for good ... but not for long.
Adam, on his side, initiated the revelation of the knowledge of the fear of a 'Supreme Power' Who has provided 'biologically' the ability to be aware of that right & wrong awareness, the sixth sens, the third eye.

Almost a billion go hungry worldwide