Monday, August 06, 2012

Man has No Right to Be Wrong

because man knows. 
What does he know ? 
To differentiate between Right & Wrong.
How does he know ?
Because he was a child.
And in doing wrong, man curses 
himself, the child he was, 
and his children as well
to whom he is the image of right.*

Man forget this knowledge, quickly, one of the first in his life, because when becoming adult, he enters a crystallized empire of power rules. And more, man as a child has been trained to understand and accept that, the world 'as it is' is the reality, and that his life's job is to propulse himself as high as he can to enjoy better the golden mirages of this taught reality that has nothing to do with right and wrong. As we know, there is much wrong around, but it is always justified wickedly, ignored or turned into right.

The problem is that, practicaly, we live in societies in which right and wrong have no value in themselves, in societies that are governed by accepted myths and advised selfishness, under the power of ... 'the people'. The root is that we fail to educate our children as we ought to; children are the trash can of 'grown up' people's bitterness who only forgot that they were children !! What 'old children' have become in a society they support as much as they dislike could be changed if only they thaught their children differently.

'No army no war, no soldier no army, no arm of  war no soldier'

But for this to happen, we should see things differently, wipe out our strange memories, shut the lock on Batman, Buddha, Betty Boop, Allah, The Beatles, Heineken, Jesus, John Wayne ... Poor us !!!
Children are not raised, neither by parents nor by society. They are groomed to become viable assets in the prevailing cultural environment, be it in Princeton or in Zimbabwe. Children are used twice, by their parents to be their front display (when they are not simply used as family pets or little slaves, officially or not, who cares ?), and by society to be the first consumer of its shit, physical, moral and spiritual.

And that is the reason why mankind stagnates in its power driven madness through millenaries. Man has an anomalous feeling of shame toward its childhood's memories because, most of the time, their childhood has ended abruptly, has finished too soon or was no childhood at all. Because to have a childhood, whatever childhood, you need a father and a mother, a family, a nest. Family is 'The Arch', and it is guarded by two Cherubs: a boy and a girl ... Neither the teachers, the grand parents, the friends are able to provide the roots that will give any child his strength for life. Life is 'Family-Based'.

Instead, they are taught that, being a little wrong doesn't hurt, that it may be necessary to follow a wrong way in order to reach a right aim, that one can never be fully right ... Mixing right and wrong in childrens souls from the ealiest ages. And this is the most terrible !!! When one is right, he knows it, the same for wrong, in a 'normal' world. But, when we are in a situation where nothing can be deemed right, or wrong, we fall in the categoty of 'not even wrong',and this is the blackhole of humanity.

"Regarding physics, Pauli was famously a perfectionist. This extended not just to his own work, but also to the work of his colleagues. As a result, he became known in the physics community as the 'conscience of physics,' the critic to whom his colleagues were accountable. He could be scathing in his dismissal of any theory he found lacking, often labelling it 'ganz falsch', utterly wrong.

This 'not even wrong' stuff in which mankind is bathing itself in since its beginning is the Damocles sword hanging over its head. It has destroyed 'civilizations', when they were separated in places and times, but now that 'civilization' is earth-wide, we should give a little attention to the time we drank our first glass of alcohol, and remember how delightful it was all the way down, wasn't it ? Every child can be the Messiah, some say, in their bittersweet stupid dreams. I say every child is a Messiah to his family !! (including the ones we've been) Women won't say the contrary ...

I don't say man can always be right practicaly, but, he, who knows he's doing wrong, has the ability to change it, and don't feel any dislike in doing wrong willfully, well, he's wrong big time ! (That is also the 'ill fate' of the ones of us that can help others, anyhow, and don't, and of those who 'know' and shut up ... the kapos)


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(This little girl felt the family floor crumble under her feet, and since her mother failed to make her know who God is beyond her religion, following her father, she looked for the only rock to grasp in her fall, the illusion that merely replace reality, faith through religion, and the most nurturing of them, christianity. Children, ..., Humanity grows up with the security of love, love from the family: "But the children in these poems are like all children and the subjects that preoccupy them are universal: the fear of getting lost or not being loved by one's parents, as well as the desire for freedom and independence. "

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Paul Féval's words (1846)

"We dream involuntarily of the happy age when the world in progress will know no more thieves nor speculators. We dream of the time when the key to these closed doors (of the Temple) will be lost, a time when the golden calf, abandoned on its powdery platform, will roar alone and call in vain for the converted crowd of his former worshipers.
We dream.
Some see a beautiful garden, in the future, instead of this formidable sanctuary, others trace by the
thought the symmetrical plan of a nice phalanstery; some would be willing there a church, some one
theater, in short, it would be best to make a hospital for the countless wounded from the deadly struggles of speculation.
Before the empty Temple, thinking  goes by also, but it is of the misery that grows in these corridors congested with hundreds of unhappy every day. One thinks of the stationary selfishness of the people who own and of unnecessary agitation of the proponents of ‘social sciences’: ones are silent and lock themselves inside their ruthless well-being, others chatting, alas! and struggle in endless contortions. They move, they blur, they shall endeavor, taking their imaginations for principles and axioms to their whims. You see them beat the slopes all day, and rush against what is with the sick anger of their weakness. If they became strong tomorrow, by chance, they would demolish; but they could not rebuild. Their heart are full of generous thoughts; they see the suffering and they are indignant, but in their foggy minds, there only is a poor novel begun in haste, of which they do not know the ending."

'Lisbon: explorers of their own limited and bloodthirsty view of the outside world'

"I think we and the Japanese people should be asking the following questions:

Can “we” really put the genome of the people on the same balance as “protecting livelihoods, the economy and the nuclear industry ?”

What exactly is this national security that coerces potentially a quarter to a third of the nation to carry a compromised genome ?

What is it that is so important to protect that even the genome of the Japanese nation can be thrown down onto the sacrificial chopping-block with a shrug of the shoulders and a look in the other direction ?

Why are we seeing the government become the enemy of the people in so many countries now  ?

What are we missing here ?

Is there some important secret we’re not being told, some crucially imperative necessity we’re unaware of ?

It feels like there’s some large, evil monster secreting itself in a dark corner of the room. Perhaps it will not be too long before we begin to perceive its true form."

Veterinary surgeon, president of the Ecosystem Conservation Society, Japan