Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Big Deal

Well, it must be evident now for a lot of us that mankind is under the tyranny of greed and selfishness since times immemorial. All the so-called civilizations have always been ruled by the power of the few who managed to have enough strength in order to submit the masses through proxies. We can read a lot on the subject concerning today situation and the history of it, and most of the explainations are intelligently proved, the top being Henri Makow’s internet site - (don't eat all ...), ( Two other men opened my eyes even before, both great truth warriors, Barry Chamish ( and Joseph Ehrlich ( ) - (though I don't approve all what they proffer). The other conspiracy theorists prove to be more or less psychopaths (probably controlled) who win their audience by running on people’s love for nightmares and illusions . The devil’s show is appealing because it has an aura of mystery, of hidden messages combined with the dream of overcoming the apparently deceptive reality that most of us feel to be grim and unavoidable.

But, then what ?  

Humanity is a big mess and what ought to be researched more than why it is such, though one has to go through enough knowledge to understand in which world one lives, is how and what steps to dwell into for bifurcating on a different path than the organized slavery that takes the appearance of good life, in reality for some and in dream for most. 
The way to go is altogether individual and collective, on a small scale level, but everywhere at the time. Every one of us sees things differently and, if instead of seeing each other as competitors we would understand that we in fact are complementary, this would be a first step. We should not be afraid that the neighbor could disturb us but rather that communication is the basis of putting up our complementary abilities to reach a better world. 
Angels have no wings, angels are among us, every single day, laughing, playing, asking … they are our children. Paradise is not in a so-called heaven but right around us, here and now, in the unique and marvelous wonder of the earth treasuries, not of gold but of butterfly’s colors, of animals and plants, of tiny drops of water on the edge of green leaves, of the songs of birds at sunrise and so on.

In all the creation, man is the sole that has to learn how not to be wrong, how not to tear down the earth for building his home, how to live in harmony with all the other beings, his pairs included. I always feel distressed by people who think they are superior to something, someone. 

There is a whole NEW life to discover together, a completely new approach to how being a man and, in some way, the world has just begun !! In this concept, quantum science has a lot to give, teaching us first that the old wish that man is able to know for sure what is going on will never be attained ever because consciousness, spirituality, thought, is changing the reality as much as ‘material’ action. Then, we will never be able to know the how and why in the last place because our approach to it modify how things look. 
I’m also always astonished that people draw a frontier between materiality and spirituality. Both are part of the same world, both exist together, interact and form an indivisible whole. The universe is one, a single entity of which every part is related to all the others. Consciousness is infused everywhere, at different levels but of the same kind. Two electrons that meet once will keep an ’immaterial’ link between each other forever, no matter the distance that separate them after the encounter (

Coming back to our ‘sales’, mankind is in its infancy, and, like many ill taught children, it has wrecked more than it believes it had accomplished. It is about time to grow up a little, and in this aim, we must in the first place get rid of the satanic people who abuse us, all the more that they are now on a level of power that is threatening the whole world. It is time to understand Blaise Pascal's prophetic words, “Science without conscience is only the ruin of the soul”. 
So, admitting to a global individual arising of truth about the state of facts, ‘we, the people’, not of a country nor a state but of earth, ‘we, the people’ should talk to each other, to begin with, then, imagine some way of not supporting the general enslavement design by retreating from everything that feeds the dirty purse of the so-called leaders and war mongers. 

We must begin by going more and more local (don't you fint it weird that most of the garlic bulbs come from China ? at least in France, Israel & the US, and when one knows that garlic is prone to absorb all the heavy minerals ... that are of course unaccounted for and probably at high levels in China's soil !), avoiding as much as possible to use what ‘they’ try to feed us with in term of economy, culture and food ! We should get rid as much as possible of Tv’s, cars, artificial food, games, arms, credit,  … 

I don’t advocate a society ‘à la Jean Jacques Rousseau’ but a local movement going global. Stop feeding the big corporations that sell us shit all day long. For example, stop buying new cars, there are enough second hands that rust in huge parking places, especially here in America, we should ask for more and more public affordable transports, buses (that could all run on LPG), trains, collective taxis, that would give a lot of work to mechanics, drivers …, stop buying readymade foods, candies, meat (a lot less at least !), TV's, the list is long.

 Developing as it is tried in some places a barter economy, giving more and more families having access to a plot of land easily reachable from home if not on the property itself … 
We should begin to teach children what all the game is about, early, and teach them some basics of medicine, cooking, different practical skills from a young age, kids can learn a lot with fun !!, and teaching them to see themselves as part of the same wagon, not putting each one on a lonesome conflicting path with the other, and so much more.

In short, everything is to be done, not the contrary. Well, my friends, there’s a lot to do, to imagine, to create that will go in the right way, and, if the sovereign states did not find any more people ready to become soldiers but only peaceful individuals that help each other all their lives long, well, things might change, one day, for good. This is not easy, even, it may appear as a Sisyphean task, but, have we another choice ???