Monday, July 30, 2012

Uncounscious Collective Suicidal Trend Emergence and Unexpected Results of the 'Divide and Conquer' Policy


 Iran urges baby boom !! and wants to prepare a survival or is it only reacting to the collective demoralization illness of highly traditional and paternalistic driven nations like Europe ?
It is not wealth that drives natality up but faith, even ignorant and illusory, no matter what the craddle. 
Looks like the nations claiming to have faith might not, for Iran at least. 

"By 2011, the most recent period for which figures are available, Iran's population growth had fallen to one of the lowest in region - 1.3%."

comment #2:
"This isn't an issue just facing Iran and Turkey. Demographics in most of the West show below replacement birth rates with two notable exceptions: the US and Israel. 

As David Goldman has noted in "How Civilizations Die", Iran went inless than two generations from women having about six children to less than two, a drop of historic proportions. Turkey shows almost as dramatic a drop, but within that overall drop there are significant differences: below average fertility among Turkey's educated and secular, above average for less educated and religiously conservative (which bodes well for Erdogan) but even higher rates for Turkey's Kurdish population ..."

Nazi Salute at the JO ?


 Fables and proverbs of "Aesopic" form existed in both ancient Summer & Akkad tradition in the 3rd century BC, some 5000 years ago. 450 years ago, though, La Fontaine put in verses many of Aesop's fables written 2500 years ago, and that is mainly how we know them today.

One of them, 'The oak and the reed', nice in itself, might be applied to broken people who manage to adapt and survive through the passing of many disasters, natural or not. In our today world, the two nations the most divided (and decried !) on earth are probably America & Israel. They have indeed many things in common. Both had to pass through many abusive storms, both have a very mixed population, both are incredibly divided about values and faiths. This is both the result of the 5000 yo too (!) 'nimrodian' divide and conquer policy and of natural events. 

People in a divided society, on the contrary of more monotheistic ones were social rules are a common ground, tend to become more introspected and more extremely divided in the appearance but they are also more tolerant, even against their will, and able to adapt in their 'outside' life. People in such conditions tend to become more like the reeds.

Like Iran, Japan for instance, is a very traditional and unipolar world, where values are the same from left to right and up to down. The declining birth rate those countries experiment used to be mainly the flag of Europe, at the bottom of the fertility rate (France, the most multicultural being the less achieved by the phenomenon) ... These nations seem to be the oaks (and most of Eastern Europe).

And, as fertility goes with faith, Africa is the winner in this hidden contest !!

"The mathematics of quantum mechanics very accurately describes how our universe works. And it tells us our reality is continually branching into different possibilities, just like a coral.” (Garrett Lisi)