Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time is ... Life !!

And the contrary.
Time is not money.
The problem is not the cost of time but the cost of life.
The problem is not the reward of an hour's work but what it implies on life, human life - and the earth's life -, to work for this hour.
The end is in the mean.


Time has a price, but this price is one of cost, yes, but the cost of the impact on life of work, and not the 'gain'; and of what this cost implies for life to sustain such a work, and not the contrary.

Because time is life, not money, not gain, not reward, not benefice.
Progress is not in the speculated gain, the envisaged result, the putative end.
Progress is how one spends his time in order to live, what it implies, and what it costs to life in doing so.
Progress is in how man spend his life, on what level, with what means.


Human life does not progress as it could - and as it should - because, instead of seeing the means, man sees the ends. This twisted way of 'believing', of perceiving life can be explain, for its origins and its developments,  and it is indeed but partialy on the net, however, this will never ever serve as a lever to change the awful reality in which mankind crawls since its very beginning.

This view has killing consequences. Man's life is cheap, but the weapons to eraise it are expensive, such as the miserable lives - except ten/millions -, spent worldwide to produce the parts. A small look at a simple news page says it all. And as always, children are the first preys, and woman - though some are part of it -.
Any good news ???

Btw, it looks like the world stage of war game is going on putting in place maritime potential triggers of a world war in the Middle East seas ...
Hmmm, already seen 40 'basic' Scud in 1991, what would it be now ? (worldwide ?!, nuclear ??)
And 'between' (!!) 70,000 to 750,000 (!!!)* dead human being, body and  souls, more than 99% Iraqi (Gulf war), a slaughter with all the deseases that reappeared for a long term, long years, months, days ...
And what the hell is going on in Syria !! and elsewhere !
Dude, how's the 'côtelette' ??

"Explosion of epidemic gastroenteritis, cholera and typhoid, in preventing operation of the centers of drinking water treatment and wastewater, ..., while the infant mortality rate doubled. The World Health Organization (WHO) did not record any cases of cholera in 1990, but more than 1,200 in 1991 and more than 1300 in 1994. The prevalence of typhoid was increased from about 1,600 cases in 1990 to over 24,000 in 1994".

* Wiki France, very 'confused' on Wiki English.,7340,L-4261923,00.html