Sunday, July 29, 2012

Believers with no Faith

Artist or prisoner ??

Idolaters have faith. Man believes, even if he thinks the contrary.
Faith is a built-in particularity of man's mind.

"Faith is a strange thing !
 it is certain we can believe and not believe at the same time 
as the most credulous are often amazed when
 they find themselves, unexpectedly,
 in front of the object of their credulity
(Paul Féval)

Because more than anything, man needs hope to live. Hope is more essential in life than bread and water. And hope is faith.
This is where the shoe pinches. Man craves to fillful his need to believe, to satisty this built in feature, he is ready to throw in pasture anything that will satiate it, God - a 'Godly life', not a church's one -  or evil, or more critically, a glass of wine.

"People who fight without their knowledge are the best of all troops.
This army inspires no suspicion because it deserves none. 
She is honest, noble, proud, candid. 
It maneuvers hundred cubits above the vile intrigues it serves. 
But it serves them, and even more powerfully, 
it is never an accomplice. 
Those who know how to play the organ which has the great 
and terrible name "Mr Anybody" get magical results." 
(Paul Féval, 1869)

Man needs to believe and hope but, as one is never sure of the reality of the object of his inclination, and as this inclination is usually perceived as a weakness, man affirms loudly that he doesn't hope nor believe in anything or, on the contrary, he will follow blindly and with all his might what he utters to be his 'opinion', 'opinion' that has a wide wild range, depending on the place for the style, but of an equivalent level on the ground ...

"A dog knowing life boasts of his collar" (PF)