Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Business ...

Jules MARY, "Les Filles de la Pocharde," 1898 - book cover

"What has been has been, what will be will be"

We, humans see time as an arrow, as a vector, with a direction but,
time is matter and, seen from outside our dimentional shaped world,
time can be seen as a non evolving, non directional, undivisable
'object', in other words, time can be seen as a whole, from the
beginning to the end, from one end or the other or from present to
past, past to present, with no surface but as a solid, a bubble maybe ?

Could say ... 'all present, past and future alike' in the same glance.

There is on one side, from our perspective no prediction possible 
because we are in the present as in the sea, but there is also a 'destiny'.
In some sort of a twist, we live our destiny, we invent it, we re create !!

Explosive news ...

1. Received from Joseph Ehrlich's mailing list


There are signs throughout history that allow people to know what lies ahead. When Obama certified, even in his traitorous role, that same sex marriage, homosexual marriage, was now part and parcel of our culture, this to me is equivalent to his launching against us a nuclear bomb to destroy our nation and its people to wit an official marking of a pagan culture as dominant over any remnant one that was linked to the Judeo-Christian ethic.

I trust you know that all the poll numbers professing that homosexuality is now approved mainstream are concocted as they are under the control of the anti-G-d forces. However, the reality of the imminent new levels of dangers ahead for us tie in to our failure to speak out against it to a degree that the enemy controlled media cannot disregard the disgust of our nation and its people to turning into a pagan hedonistic anti-G-d nation. G-d officially declared homosexuality as an abomination and to acquiesce to it puts a rope around our neck. The proffer that homosexual marriage is part of some evolutionary schematic reflecting favorably upon us is beneath contempt.
Those aligned with G-d AGAINST homosexuality does not mean we are biased or prejudiced per se against those practicing it. What it means that even though we know it exists, our obligation is to put up walls against it to our favor since we have been commanded to reject it and not allow anyone to say that such conduct should be part of the fabric of our community or nation. G-d declared that to do so would undermine us, and since we have done so during the Moabite infestation of our nation, you can see that we have undermined ourselves already. That Obama certifies us as a pagan nation by saying what he did, simply means one big step up from the consequences already seen.

Conclusion: I sense the tie in with the above to Fukushima to wit that the nuclear realities inherent there as per the article below could wind up as the casual link to our destruction. The Sodomites per the Torah were taken out with some perceived equivalent to a nuclear flash point result. Thus pagan realities and nuclear realities have a biblical tie in. Thus Obama in a real sense could have now sealed our fate.

The Nuclear Industry and Fukushima: A Giant Nail in the Coffin of Humanity

By Christina Consolo – host of Nuked Radio May 12, 2012

2. Today's YNETnews article :

'Air Force prepared for any mission'

Outgoing IAF chief says that while Israel's Air Force has necessary capability to strike Islamic Republic, such a campaign must follow 'ever-changing strategic realities'
Ron Ben-Yishai

"I believe that the Air Force is well prepared for its missions,"outgoing IAF Chief Major-General Ido Nechustan Sunday.

Nehushtan's statement came in response to a question presented at a press briefing, which inquired about the IAF's readiness for a large military strike. The allusion to Iran was clear and Nehushtan's reply resonated clearer.

Nehushtan retired from the IDF this week, after 37 years in service. Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel, Israel's new IAF chief, echoed his predecessor's sentiment upon taking office, saying that Israel's Air Force was "ready for every scenario.",7340,L-4228910,00.html

3. : My reply to Joseph :

See the name of  Israel's new IAF chief:

ESHEL = "ESH"-"EL" = 'FIRE'-'G.d' = Fire from G.d, and from the sky since it is the air force ...

And, when reading your last mail connecting nuclear/lightning and sodom/moabites ...

No comments is there ???

4.  And what I didn't told him because I know it would have bothered him (see also 5.) :

The surname of this new airforce commander has a meaning in hebrew :


(traducting 'ir' by city, town is also possible 
but with no meaning, as far as I can see)

5. The final interpretation ... you chose for yourself !

My take : 
The awakening of The People, the (Jewish)* people, will coincide with a fire from G.d. This fire might not      be a nuclear bomb but, an NWO false flag, somewhere for some reason, a 'natural' event, volcano, solar flare ..., an abnormal event, seen from our limited view ... G.d knows !!! 

What I understand by wakening of the Jewish people is rejecting the kings ang all the idolatric paganism that the 'occidental' life is encompassing, there like anywhere else, on the surface. How this can look like in reality I don't know. As I said, we live in the present, the moment and if we can still have projects, prepare for what we'll do, in an hour, tomorrow, in a year, noone can say he is 100% sure it will happen, as planned, at all. Any guess of what the future can be is wrong on paper. The present is king, uncertainty reigns, and the only certitude we have in life is, amazingly, not the one that comes from 'material' things but from 'immaterial' ones, from true friendship, of one moment, of the whole life, from kindness, for an instant, for ever, from love, from faith, from hope ...

This is what builds life, humanity, individuals, peoples. This is what is for sure in passing world. That is what builds a family, a people, a community, not arbitrary nation-states, not the prefabricated economico-political business that is driving all of us mad. The real stone is not of minerals but of relations. This is where hapiness comes from, this is what we have to count on to live, together, to be happy, to be free. 

So, What does mean ' The awakening of the people with a fire from G.d, above' ???
Well, I think no one can say because simply, man lives in present, not in the future al all can be said remain an expectation. But that does not impede to do suppositions !

Well, what happened before and after Sodom's destruction, if this has something to do with what might happen ?
(See Gen.19, between 18 and 20)
The birth of Itzhak, Abraham's first born, the true (circumsised) beginning of the Jewish people, not yet a real people, a family, a family of three was the next event, the prelude of Jewish history. Joseph Ehrlich says Abraham should not have defied G.d in His judgment because it gave birth of the Moabites, NWO ancesters (!), well, I believe it was the lesser evil for the birth of Itzhak, the culpability of Loth needing, I'd say in a causality reality, a continuation, a global one since the actions of every people of that time in the bible has a global causality today. But, the real following of Sodom's destruction is the fulfilment of G.d's promise to Sarah.

*the jews being the canary in the coal mine ...

G.d bless !!