Saturday, May 05, 2012

" Ur Job, Por Favor "

Recipe for a World Slavery:

1. You take a bunch of people who loves to possess and spend, make them live in an 'organized abundance',  then, have them sick with the way they have to behave to retain their abundance, and screw them in any way possible through repression, insanity and forged iniquity.

2. You have another bunch of another people sitting on the opposite side of 'organized poverty'.

3. Then, you destroy the origin of the wealth of the first ones ( industrial skills and jobs) and make the second ones feel as if they equally deserve abundance in place of the first ones that look like they don't deserve it anymore.

4. When the first ones are exhausted and on the decline due to the lack of will and children, you have the second ones feel at home where the first ones live by different means including language (in the US, spanish), food (mexican), social benefits ... In the process, you give the first top living conditions, actually, good modified enriched food, great (death) medecine against all imaginable ailment and let the second battle with 'bad' drugs (marijuana for instance), harsch living that makes them strong & beautiful (Oh ! miracle of nature).

5. Well folks, when the seconds, used to have nothing, replace the firsts, used to have too much, they will do the job without question and become the perfect totally indifferent agents of all you want them to do, of all the laws you need to apply on both groups in order to reign supreme with an army easy to feed and happy to obey.

That's what is happening between americans and mexicans, that's what is in the process between the West and the East, that's what's happening under our nose, here and now, quietly and inexorably. That's what they tried to do with arabs in EU, though it didn't work so far, and what they first tried in america with the blacks that didn't work either but in both cases, didn't work as much as 'they' hoped but still, blacks and arabs do run numerous jobs that whites don't want. The future of worldwide oppression is yellow and has been 'processed' since nearly a century, effectively.

That's what's happening too between men & women when the natural predator has become fatty enough and the natural prey has received enough power and protection rights to overtake its original master. Law is in the favor of the oppressed, even if wrong, mainly if wrong should I say.

Easy job isnt'it ? Wonderful idea !
Hmmm ...
"I'm late" says the rabbit to Alice, "I'm always too late".
Enjoy !!!