Monday, May 07, 2012

Yes, Dreams Can Become True *

... if we burry the illusions and their merchants, immorality and deceipt, if we
 turn on one another, and from down to up, with all the honesty, the attention,
the sincerity needed, at least in a small scale to begin with.

Saint Exupery's last words were : "what ought to be said to man ?", meaning,
he did not find true friends, except his imaginary one, The Little Prince, down
here ! And without friends, beyond family, what can be done, where is the
taste of life ? This also in another way what Capt. Hu' Mitchell feels when he
says: "It's all shit, man !".

Let's be friends, for real. Women have the front row in this task because they
are more experimented on subtil ways to find what is to be found for setting
up the practical exchange basis of such a cooperative task, especially black
women, who know a lot about real life, sharing ...

We must separate good from bad. That's the root of the american problem as seen on the
racing car in pic down, you cannot trust in G.d and put all you have in material things, and
look at life as a dice game. There is a meaning embedded in the universe, a good meaning,
an original sens of life toward goodness and spirituality, toward sharing in harmony as
much as possible. Man's task is not to open the gates of hell but follow the natural path
...walk in the footsteps of the universe, of life, of good, of G.d.

We have a lot to invent to reach a 'sustainable' happier life globally,
because misery and poverty, physicaly and spiritualy are the norm for most of
mankind, still today, sadly so, year after year, day after day, minute after minute, because
when you suffer, time is going pretty slow ... in Alice's world. Too much speed, too much
technology, too much wrong !!

There are three grounds on which, in my view, could be focused on for a global move toward better societies, a slow internal revolution without the name, evolution maybe, they are downsizing, going natural (and move to the couuntry side), and last but not least, communication between people but, communication based on 'moral' grounds, "be an egoist, fine ! but be an egoist for doing good", would say Eugène Sue. We can have dreams but we must put first the reality, we don't need no government,meaning no armies and,  in theory, we don't need police forces, both being the arm of enslavement of puppets governments ...
No soldiers, no kings, no enslavement power, admitting people take care of one another. One for all ...

Going and grewing local is the way, nature is plentyful, for example, the caribbean could become the world's source for natural medecine. As I believe that there is a natural possible healing from natural sources for every ailment, the West Indies and most of the tropical places could provide a lot, naturally, without harming the land like industrial plantations not needed. There is for bananas, oranges, lemons ... a huge potential in Florida, Louisiana where the land is not agriculturally exploited and empty for most of it.

The word of it being ... No revolution, but no government as it is, worldwide. We, people can get better, and anglo-saxons have much to learn about this from latin peoples, from arab and black ones at least, those two they are daily in contact with. But we all have to learn from women, stop looking at the world like predators do, stop wanting to go more toward the material side, except research, a moral one, not the current trend of madness it is experimenting, no need of a link, does it ?, yes, learn from women ...

provided they are women, read Henri Makow about that !!!
(Makow and Rense ... same fish, beware)

But, well, men ought to be men, either.
(Remember, I don't accuse women at all because they are victims, victims of wealth and power as well
as weakness ans poverty, but before them, kids are the first victims worldwide of mankind's insanity)

Some have asked where was G.d during world war 2, I ask where were men ?
Who were they who went so happily to kill each other and destroy half of the earth ?
Are they still around ? The perpetrators themselves, the men who took arms to kill,
for their mafia like bosses ? and the bosses ??? Have they still a word to say amongst mankind ?
In all reality, what is mankind, actually ?

Seeming sad ?
Well, the hope, the great hope that people around the world, Africa of course but also India, Pakistan, Bengladesh, Indonesia, China together with cities and suburbs world wide, will have enough for a decent living, remains today only ... a hope !

Matteo, italian skipper preparing his new boat, 
a 16 meters 'Lévrier des mers' ... with a dead engine !,
to reach La Spezia from Martigues with a friend.

* in response to Nosson's comment on MforMANKIND, from august 21, 2010 ... a little late, isnt'it !!