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Joseph Ehrlich (+ MESSAGE)

"You have worried about life and not death, that is what a man has to do. 
Death is for the ones who do wrong and worry about it. 
You are part of life, not of death, that's what important, 
"sof kol sof" = 'at the end of the end'.
"Gam zu letova" = 'This also is for the good'. bs"D. (remember ?) Avi"

These words are all I could find to greet one more time a great man, fighting for life, his own of course because he is in an advanced stage of cancer but first and foremost for the life of all of us who are entrapped in the claws of monsters with human faces, the ones who throw at us all the imaginable perversions, the ones who turn the world upside down, the ones who would like to see humanity afraid of death like they are because of their bowing to satanic desires. They choose death, let's ...


Joseph is the first who opened my eyes, which were searching for some light at the time, this was in year 2001. I read on his site his first book that was available online at the time, Recapturing America. Then, I went on reading his essay on Rabbi Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus. Then, well, I often had to disagree with him but we stayed in touch, from far away. He explained, as no one did, that, not only the nazis are alive and well, but that there are people behind nazism (and communism, and feminism ...) who are the real handlers of all the atrocities dropped upon humanity through historical events that are not 'natural' in essence but long crafted and devised.

Parts of this thesis are now mainstream in the 'conspiracy theorists' but, Joseph has a plus: he sincerely believes in G.d. We at this point disagree because he believes in G.d as a spiritual concept that one can reach indifferently from his identity though I believe that, yes, G.d is accessible for all, but there is a people on earth who has a special role to take as an example between and humanity, the Jewish people, that has really existed as such only from Moses (included) to King Shaul (not included). In my view, the 'judeo-christian / muslim faith' is an illusion. 

Like I tried to tell Donald lately, G.d through Moses and the Torah gave laws to the Jewish people. Jews have to do with these laws ... and only jews. All the rest of mankind has only 'natural' laws to find out for themselves, the ones that do exist in the creation, in the animal world, laws easily decrypted. The end, though, is the same, with or without laws, jews and non-jews ought to reach the same conclusions, the same way of life, the first ones following rules and the others creating their own, both to ultimately join and prove the unity of humanity and the true reality of G.d. We don't have to be all the same. We are different and each people has its stone to bring, in reality, not in wishful thinkings.

Another point we differ upon is the role of the nation-states. I don't see the nations as having a role in mankind's evolution because they are artificial representations of their inhabitants. Slavery is, beyond a physical plight, a mentality. There are more slaves today in the so-called democratic nations than in all of the black people's history of all ages. Humanity is going through a slow, too slow process of discovering what mankind is about. I don't care Jiang Zemin is still leading behind the curtain, or what Ahmadinejab says, because what I see is a worldwide enslavement, a worldwide deception from all the leaders of all imaginable kinds.

We people won't never do it as long as we want kings, as long as we see no further than our belly and below, as long as some official beasts grant themselves a licence to kill they forward to deadly puppets. I only see people stick with their illusions that wrongfully justify the smallness of their petty lives. I don't see people share and deprive themselves of some of their advantages to help others, except for maybe one in thousands. We humans did not yet reach the rightfulness of the animal world, yes !!! 

Nonetheless, I met many good people, with hope and faith in the heart, but lonely and not knowing at all what can be done to help. Well, at this stage of history, we must first understand what is going around for millenaries, who are the ennemies of mankind, what path is worth walking on, talking about all that with our families, friends, neighbours, coworkers ... and not fall in the trap of dissociating one's personal life into compartments. Being clear with oneself comes first, even if that means spiritual suffering. 

Since, I believe that Joseph greatest achievement is that he has singled out the true nature of Ruth, both in its origin and consequences, Abraham's 'failure' in asking God to save Lot and the whereabouts of this tragic event that led to the fall of Israel. This point is the corner stone to understand all of mankind's history from then until now.

End of Joseph's book, Clarity:

Closing Sidebar:  Addressing some difficult Q&A

Why is the Bible written in a manner requiring interpretation?

Answer: For the same reason the Book of Ruth is less lucid than the author wanted it to be. If Torah and the Book of Ruth were openly clear, the Moabites, who hijacked Judaism and Christianity, and seek to do the same with Islam, would have never allowed them the stature they continue to hold. Keep in mind that G-d gave the Torah long after Abraham’s successful intervention for Lot. Regarding the Dead Sea Scroll inscription highlighted in the book, the Moabites continue active in keeping the Dead Sea Scrolls out of the public reach due to the fact that some segments may provide the clarity offered here.

How do leaders who go to Church and profess love of God, walk out of the Church and then push buttons or give orders that result in deaths of innocents, including women and children?

Answer: They are Moabites who spit on the cross, detest G-d, but go to Church and kiss the cross, to mask their true identity, role, and agenda. They have no reservation about murder or depopulation on global levels. Their desire since Day 1 is to annihilate the Jewish people, the remnant of G-d’s chosen, to impugn G-d’s design to destroy Lot and his family.

Why has the US industrial base been de facto abandoned by the nation?

Answer: The Moabites seek to control and then undermine and destroy all sovereign nations under monotheism. Since the Moabites control the government and the media, policies have been passed which are contradictory to the sovereign interests of the American people and nation. What they detest first and foremost is a theocratic nation. Thus, aside from the oil, they are obsessed with conquering Iran. The Moabites have successfully undermined the Judeo-Christian nexus historically carried by the USA and Israel, thus making both these nations, from the Moabite understanding of biblical history, vulnerable to attack from within and without.

Why does China protect its children from pornography better than we do here in the USA?

Answer: While China has never been aligned with religion, its government is in service to its people. Moabite controlled government in the USA does not care about the people they rule over nor for their future welfare, aside from how it may benefit them. They also impregnate the USA with the very opposite values to the Judeo-Christian ethic that predicated America’s prosperity and success as a nation, one that enabled the US to defeat the Moabite design and agenda during the Twentieth Century.

Does the nation of Israel really run or overly influence the USA?

Answer: Israel will soon be an open target of the USA, since the US is a conquered nation with a leadership that is out to eviscerate many countries including Israel and the USA itself. The harsh truth is that the governments in both the USA and Israel are Moabite controlled. The only recent difference is that Israel recognized (including Moabite surrogates to wit Moabite pawns and poodles) the message of the author that Israel’s complete evisceration was on the Moabite drawing board in connection with the coerced war against Lebanon: the one that Sharon refused to initiate or trigger per Moabite directive.

Who are the enemies of G-d?

Answer: The Moabites. They know better than some under monotheism that G-d exists, and they use biblical history in order to make the nations under monotheism abhorrent to Him by instilling pagan values and mores to encourage G-d to turn His back on those He otherwise favors. The Moabites have made their behavior and lifestyle acceptable, to not only serve their personal interests but also to have others engage in such once rejected paths of behavior to further help mask their identities, by making such conduct mainstream. Otherwise, since Moabites are the descendants of Lot they are difficult to identify physically and the route to identify them are those showing the behaviors anathema to G-d (and Abraham) associated with Sodom and Gomorrah, the biblical sin cities. The current trend in the USA is moving towards the very values and mores of those cities destroyed by G-d. It is not coincidence.

In a battle between Israel and Iran, which nation will earn G-d’s protection?

Answer: Iran. Since Iran is a theocratic nation, honoring and bowing to G-d before the nations of the world, Israel, of all nations, carried an affirmative duty to protect Iran. That it openly moved to serve the Moabite design, assured 110% that it could never prevail against Iran, just as it having a superior military has not taken it away from the abyss it has found itself over recent years. The Moabite plan since Israel’s creation in 1948 was to set the Jews and Arabs (Islam) up for the double double cross. They nearly pulled it off.

Why did George Bush, Jr. go it alone against Iraq?

The Moabites did not want to have Europe, their home territory, footing the bill, and moreover the agenda was to milk the US Treasury in using the USA military as surrogates to destroy Iraq, but for the oil. The Appendix does carry the disturbing information showing how injured military personnel were de facto abandoned by a government that cared little to nothing for them once carried off the battle field, unlikely to return. The American people with a controlled press and media are denied honest reporting and are ignorant of the truly incredible money stolen by the Moabites from the American people, the Moabites considering it the spoils of war; but the deeper crime being that the American people continue on not cognizant that they are a conquered nation living under an enemy government (even though after ten years of public service effort, the author sees some signs of the American people awakening). Clarity, among the many purposes it professes to serve, explains just who it is that has conquered the United States of America.

"Do not give your inheritance to foreigners, nor your heritage to violent men, 
lest you be regarded as humiliated in their eyes, and foolish, and they trample upon you
for they will come to dwell among you and become your masters.”

From the Dead Sea Scrolls,
TESTAMENT OF KORAH (4Q542 -- Plate 9)

Well, we'll miss you, Joseph, and I believe the greatest contribution you've done is both,
having 'connected the dots', as you liked to say, in the Torah between the stories and their 
implication in the people's history until today, 

and your 'bingo' was to remain who you were, a first class believer, might I say ? 
No, looking ironic, but you hold to your faith in great as in small events,
thank you for that lesson above all !!!

Hi All,
I wanted to check something today (2012, 08-29) on the Senderberl site and I discovered that it has a warning of potential damage ... So: 
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- For those who'd like, I've got the folloing texts of Joseph in my computer that I can send to anyone for free of course:

THE TRIAL OF RABBI ELIEZER BEN HYRCANUS - The charge: Willingness to Protect G-d’s Name,
Schiavo: Cold Justice,


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2013, 04/10

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                                                                                                 VANISHED !!!!!!!!
It is now another site in Japanese, Chinese
or whatever far east language,

    All the marvelous info that Joseph did take out of his mind and soul just disapeared like thin air.
The work of his life has been erased.

So, to those concerned, check what still remains of his exceptional achievements at sites where he was wise enough to put some of his work before they are gone too !!


The Powers to Be hated him to the point of deleting his work from the web ...
Proof he was spot on !!!!!!!

...Btw, found an old text from Barry about Prophets & Kings :

by Barry Chamish

There are two religious groups who are under attack by the Israeli government and both, despite their numbers, are marginalized by the terrified oligarchy of the establishment.
The first are the Religious Zionists, known as the settlers and their supporters. Essentially, they won the last national elections but were kept out of the government. These silly people believe that by voting, they will be represented. They actually believe in the Knesset and the army, their very worst enemies.
      Group two are the Hareidim, or the ultra-orthodox. They despise the Knesset, disdain its authority, rarely serve in the army and are currently turning the country upside down with their constant mass demonstrations over pretty silly issues.
      They appear united by their deep faith in Judaism, but in fact, couldn't be farther apart. One believes in the state, the other doesn't. One believes in kings, the other, in prophets.
      To help explain the difference, I will quote from Bruce Feiler's book, Where God Was Born (Morrow, 2005).   


57 - King David's portrait reads more like that of a tin-pot dictator than of a humble servant of God building the family of a future messiah. He's a cross between Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.

59 - David, in the formative period of his character, is a man who will use violence, deceit, charm, and murder to gather political power around him.

74 - Unlike Abraham, Moses or any number of biblical figures I might wish to be like, David is repugnant. I don't want to be like him, I want to flee from him.

89 - David was an experiment. The people wanted to wrest control from God and invest it in a secular leader. That David turns out to be so flawed suggests that God wants us to accept the limitations of political leadership and return to our special allegiance with him...To achieve that, the children of Israel must generate a national identity grounded not in the behavior of their leaders but in the conduct of their people.

     The Jewish Zionists are so dedicated to their blind patriotism to the state of Israel, that they produce the very traitors from within their numbers who wreck their enterprise. That is how they lost their communities in Gush Katif. Watch the next clip with interest:  

     And then recall that I wrote the exact story four years ago in my book Bye Bye Gaza.

     Their belief in kings keeps them loyal to the state and will continue to do so until they dissolve in betrayal.
     The hareidim, on the other hand, show their allegiance to the prophets and a very different anti-establishment faith:


131 - The most famous prophets arise in direct response to the decline in moral authority of the kings...They share hostility to wealth, iniquity and might. "The nations are but a drop in a bucket," Isaiah proclaims, downplaying the idea of an Israelite state that David, Solomon and others spent centuries trying to achieve.

121 - The experiment in investing God's authority with earthly rulers has come up short. So God shifts his favor toward a new kind of partner, one who won't husband his authority into brutal leadership. He won't embody the state, he will speak for the people. We may not be able to name the kings. But we can name the prophets.

122 - In elevating the prophets, the Bible speaks directly to the challenges of our time. God believes that secular leaders cannot provide moral deliverance. The heroes are the ones who look critically at power and keep their gaze on the moral foundation of life on earth.

      The issues that have brought them to the streets en masse of late are seemingly too trivial for any state to have to deal with; a parking lot open on the sabbath in Jerusalem or a mother separated from her daughter by the child welfare services. For their view on why these trivialities are worth challenging the police over, look at their explanations:

      When I began to analyze the reasons for the violent outbreaks, I started with known causes; their chosen separateness from the rest of humanity, including Jews, their history of Zionism taking their real estate from them by decree and force, their abandonment by the Zionists during the Holocaust and most of all, their reduction to common starvation. With child allowance and study benefits deprived from them in recent years, their lifestyle is maintained by ever increasingly futile begging. Even the government admits that 31% of Israelis are malnourished, largely because of the hareidim. When you can't afford to give your kid even a jam sandwich, you riot over nothing.
      But the core reason for their civil unrest is the prophets of yore. They derive their daily inspiration from them and they did not trust Israel's leaders. The Jewish Religious Zionists do, and look where it's getting them.


Of the many reactions to The Vatican's Holocaust, I quote a professor from The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem:

I did get the copy of A. Manhattan's 'The Vatican's Holocaust'. I'm halfway through it. You should send copies of it to Peres, Beilin and Shlomo Ben Ami, who seem to like living in the 'Pope's rectum' rather than the real world.