Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who We Are

(The "ever changing reality" would say Amir Eshel)

"If I did not remember, what should I live for ?"

Without death, no memory. 
Death is a limitation.

No limtations, nothing to overcome, ie: a 2 dimentional world.
We live in a three dimensional world with a 'built in' sens, identity
... reachable, 'not in the sky', 
although ...

The moral/spiritual dimention is 'built in' man, too, 
and and in everything at different levels;
Man's real values are that of nature, life. They are 
strengh (yes, for good), beauty (moral too), harmony,
(in relations also), live a family life, respect the
others (especially parents, women, those
natural co-creators of life and children, of course), 
don't step on the weak (!) (don't betray others (and yourself 
according to those same values) ...

The universe essence is information, not matter/energy, 
even in apparent emptyness, there 'is' something,
the building blocks of life are words.

We are limited, maybe 'grand limited' if compared with the animals,
or like the Jeep, but still ...

We also are different, from birth and from childhood, (nature/culture),
and complementary, by pairs at the base (man/woman).

We succeed our life in the relational world where time has 
a different use and implication.

Society does most of what we are and the real human society is still to 
invent and work out ...

Ideas, words are importants, evething we do ... we are has its tiny action 
on the universe ... butterfly where are u ??

We live in/of the present, only. 
And what else ?

Globalism, yes,  but locally based and controlled,
grounded on nature and morality, honor and gratitude.

and please,

stop mixing the name 'jew' with people around the world with names, and for some, with habbits, of jewish culture's origin, because real jews are in Israel only; there is no jew outside of Israel, first, and second, the so-called jews who for a lot of them are despicable traitors of mankind, religious ones first, have trampled over their being part of humanity, not only their forgotten roots. The NWO/Illuminati/Moabites ... is by essence from Moab as Joseph says, and it had been crafted for centuries by perverted people world round, in the guise of religion foremost, the most powerful being those associated with the 'white man's power', the christian religious mafia with technology and army, and the jewish one with money power, but the real world power comes from the cold. Jews are so designated when they are part of the Jewish people and there is none outside of Israel. It is forbidden for a jew to live outside of Israel with some exceptions because jews are supposed to form a reality all the time, at every moment, the example of "the people" walking on G.d's path in the land of milk and honey, happily and freely. This is another deceptive trick to put the so-called jews on the frontrow, but, in saying that 90% of the other jews are not guilty, the 10% remain in the eyes of all true jews although they are no jew at all except their ... surface, (as most of the jews outside Israel btw),  even not on their appearance, anyhow !! But neither are most of jews in Israel, true jews but still not real jews, as I said, the jewish people is not existing since the first king and after its incoming the land from Egypt. We have the world to invent, to 'co-create' on a present basis, an empty stomach does need no watch, no calendar. But, the core of it is alive in Israel today, and growing, G.d bless !! We all must accept our origin and make it a happy event together, and not invent any other origin and roots than this one that is the greatest anyway. 
Don't mourn the past nor fear the future because only the present has a sense. Life is running fast and every moment can be plentyful, does a lion sleep ? Fear life and not death !! Especially our controlled and depressing present so out of touch with the true reality of human's life.

To be continued, 
and edited a bit :)

« psyche and matter are governed by common, neutral,
ordering principles, not in themselves ascertainable »

 « All consistent thinkers have come to the conclusion that pure logic is fundamentally incapable of constructing such a linkage. The most satisfactory course, it seems, is to introduce at this point the postulate of an order of the cosmos distinct from the world of appearances, and not a matter of our choice. 
Whether we speak of natural objects participating in the Ideas or of the behavior of metaphysical, i.e., intrinsically real things, the relation between sense perception and Idea remains a consequence of the fact that both the soul and what is known in perception are subject to an order objectively conceived. » 

Heisenberg about Pauli in:
. Across the Frontiers, Harper and Row, 1974.