Saturday, June 02, 2012

Herr Makow

"In a previous column, I suggest that Judaism is a "flawed religion." I cannot subscribe to the view that Jews are "above all other people that are on the face of the earth" (Deuteronomy 7:6)."

So many lies for a guy who claims to be an MD, a professor of writing, a kind of thinker with a title ...

Here is the true sentence of Dt.7/6:

"For thou art a holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be His own treasure, out of all peoples that are upon the face of the earth."

If holy means above, then, Makow's right, but, as I know, and on the contrary, holy has no meaning of superiority whatsoever, but holy has always been understood, for a person, and then a people, as being in the service of high moral values in the name of man's most pure and authentic beliefs and faiths, and so, being a holy man (or people) has an understanding as serving those values in the name of all, and finaly, serving all the men and people in general. 

Here is the Oxford's dictionary definition of holy:

  • dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred:the Holy Biblethe holy month of Ramadan
  • (of a person) devoted to the service of God:saints and holy men
  • morally and spiritually excellent:I do not lead a holy life

According to that, Jews have the task of becoming a sacred people in the service of G.d and by doing this, they are serving all peoples on earth, the contrary of dominating I believe. The only small problem is that they never succeeded to become a holy people ! But they tried, at least, for a short remote time ...

Same when Makow (or one of his minions) said about Joseph (Yossef ben Yaakov-Israel), that he stole all the wealth of the egyptians athough in reality, he kept with his wiseness all the region alive; he did not care a penny about wealth; the lie is big, but the bigger the easier accepted !

About ashkenazim being khazarians, well, there is some truth in there, and Makow must be ONE OF THEM, LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE WITH 'JEWISH' NAMES WHO ARE PART OF THE BANKSTERS, DISNEY'S AND ALL nwo COMPONENTS WORLDWIDE.

There may very well be from 40 to 80% of non jews inside ashkenazim and the khazarian origin stands here well, but ashkenazim jews do not at all represent the jewish people, because the sephardim and the middle east jews have always remained faithful with their authentic tradition, from Tunis to Manhattan, from Baghdad to Spain, and they are the core of today's real jewish people, even if everything is done to oust them from their identity, in Israel first, thank's probably to 'khazarians jews'.

On another train, herr Makow says "Europeans have a sense of political and economic entitlement, and represent the last potential resistance to Illuminati control. They have vestiges of Christianity, the thing the Illuminati hate more than anything"

Need to say anything about it ? Was the work of Barry Chamish needed to know that christianity has always been on the side of the powers to be ? Well, maybe not the first apostles, but not much more. Every one before and after the middle age knew that the church was no less a mafia than the kings, beginning by the Jesuits, well exposed by many 19th century's writers.

Makow says the above in an article about the importance of nation-states, and the unity represented and needed by these artificial entities that are the primarily basis of oppressive powers. Man's identity DOES NOT lie in his appartenance in a nation-state, not more than in a football national team, not to say an army ...
The tools of slavery are physical and moral, and nation-states are the primarily ones in both spheres. Then comes the religions, all of them, and finaly the corporations, the principal rulers of each domain being internationally, today, what is called the NWO, illuminati, Moabites, Nemrodites could it be said too.

Makow is like all traitors playing on both sides, denouncing on one side some evident flaws of the plot, but staying firm on some bases that people are so accustomed to believe they are normal and good,like nation-states, white values, christian morality, and, in fact, people would be lost without such benchmarks.

His article's title only, "Diversity is defeat" says it all. The biggest influx to real, true american culture is the black music, that is a whole world in itself, and has been accepted as an american componant, and such, has helped the white american, that is of european origin to become better, more rich, not of money or material goods of course. Of course, imposed diversity is wrong, but not in the case of arbitrary ridiculous entities like nation-states based on the dominant power.

Like HG Wells, we have in herr Makow a very clever individual, like so many that belong to the working herd of the Nemrodites. They are all the more dangerous that they denounce parts of the ‘plot’ in order to have it in reality accepted by the ‘sheeple’.

But, there is at least one view I have to somewhat agree with: there is no jewish religion. Being a jew is not being part of a religion but a people, and, to be part of that people, you must be in the land of Israel, you must not see 'judaism' as a religion but a tribal entity, you must believe in the Torah and have G.d as a king, in short. Those who turn judaism into a religion are deadly wrong, and they're a majority ....

Now, this is how must be interpretated how G.d can say He took the Hebrews out of Egypt with a "mighty hand and by an outstreched arm". The answer is here : "with His presence, with His great power" (Dt.4/37).
The 'miracles' where not in proper surnatural events, neither a G.d's intervention to change the course of history. 

His 'mighty hand' is 'His presence', meaning the world, the universe is, will be and has been holding on thank's to the permanent will of its Creator. The world is not a creation thrown into a spiral of uncontrolable events that is morphing itself without design to an uncontrolable and hypothetical aim. There is a storyboard, a projectionist, a plot, a lot of apparent mystery but in reality, all is permanently moving on according to an idea, a word, a thought made reality, a cascade of events which are 'naturally' processing according to a timeline that at the same time have them happen and is created by these happening events, by the coordinated life that together creates the storyboard and evolves according to it.

Hmmm, pretty risky trying to explain that ! (think of coincidences being the norm and not 'accidents')

Then, the 'great power' is G.d's abiliy to have all so much connected that nothing happens without having being engineered by other events, all related, sometime from far away, in space or time, making things happen according to such a complex pattern that it is impossible for us to guess how it goes completely. The 'great power' is then the fact that some events, according to what I said,  happen 'at the right time at the right place', as happened for the Jewish people in Egypt when in a short time, different exceptional events occured without a reasonable explaination, events that led to freedom a previously enslaved people.