Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Fundamentalism Has Been, Is And Will Always Be a Growing Trend

Fundamentalism is not only, as it tends to look nowadays, a religious concept. Its essence is the belief of an universal and supreme order that has to be uphold by the ones who believe in it and applied to humanity for ever. In such a view, all other beliefs have no place to be.

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, it means:

"strict adherence to the basic principles of any subject or discipline:
Ex: free-market fundamentalism

Fashion can be a fundamentalism as much as religion, in the women's world, as can be a soccer team, a rhum bottle, a stamp collection, whispering on the other's wrongs (or perceived as such), playing cards, leading a 'team' ... In a word, fundamentalism can be found from 'heaven' to darkness.

What do one do everytime he wakes up ? Remember, remember what he has to do because this is who he is. And what does one remember ???
What makes him live, his past, his nation, nis factory, his car, his cigarettes, his passed or what he wanted to achieve tens of years ago. One does not create his life but is accomplishing the destiny he himself sorted out of false views in an upside down world.

By force, and by nature (because women are the hardest fundamentalists), what man wants is what society wants, no less, no more. And he has taught himself and his children to be satisfied with this, well ... this ignorance as a legacy.

The same idea is behing the gay 2012 'weddings' and the  'marriages of convenience' of old, the idea that what's man decide is better than letting nature and circumstances do the job, the idea that man is king, that man has to fight or improve nature, that there is no 'providence': "I know best, end.".

Alexandre Dumas, Sylvandire T1

In the story of a young indian girl, that would kill herself on her dead husband's tumb by fire, Dumas says at the end of the second page, she would do so rather because of fashion, because it was the last trendy thing to do at the time in such a case  for a beautiful twenty years old widow, than of anything else.

Honor, for Europe's aristocracy, for a thousand years culminating at the beginning of the 19th century, was such a fundamentalism, but one that despite its aberrations tended to a high moral ground, in theory, but on the contrary of it most of the time.

Fundamentalism has been, since the first kingdoms on earth in Mesopotamia, Egypt or elsewhere at the time, some 5000 years ago, the deepest driving force rooted in man's soul.

Fundamentalism is, basically : 
"better what we know, even wrong, than what we don't know"
Fundamentalism is idolatry

Yabahya, daughter of Sargon II, Nimrud, Iraq, 9.bc