Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Swift Pinion

Why are Israel's leaders in bed with Germany ?
The only possible answer is: they are one of a kind ...
A masonic one.

Just look at the israeli supreme court ! (Who just today won big time
with Bibi's help in building more hate toward Israel by allowing construction
to 'compensate' the planned eviction of a tiny neighbourhood in Bet El).

Before the industrial revolution, nation-states and religious orders
were the only powers to be, but, to reach a global empire, they needed
to be replaced by economic and judiciary power.

Nation-states and religions are local tools subjected to uncontrolable
people's reactions and local leaders' fantasies. Economic and judiciary 
power are universal and rock solid means of control, and more than that,
they are based on people's theoretical willfull acceptance of such orders. 

Germany is at the core of the modern NWO grip on the world.
Their Bavarian Illuminati Order prepared the french 'revolution' and
other groups set up the international banking control with english help.

America's military worldwide domination was put up too by 
transferring nazi's secrets to a country already led by them 
from behind. ('Recapturing America', Joseph Ehrlich).

The Jesuits (Mario Draghi, a today example) quickly adapted and 
participated in laying the bases of a worldwide control together with 
'jewish' german bankers and english secret societies (The Protocols are 
in my view a collective work of both the Jesuits and khazarian or 
whatever 'Jews'), London and Bonn being the real centers of NWO's power.

That said, like the magma that accumulates for years or centuries to 
produce a sudden and short but devastating eruption, the powers to 
be build networks of crime, of oppression or on the opposite, of easy
but perverted wealth in order to crash everything in a moment by letting explode
as it might seem naturally all the contrary forces that they have set in motion
from a long time. 

This kind of 'naturally evolving plots' allow them to detonate wars, unrests, economic
catastrophs, false flags events, and ultimately, greater control upon all sectors 
of community life worldwide. They are at it right now with Israel/Iran, with US/Russia, 
Jews/neo-nazies or arabs, left & right in Israel proper, India & Pakistan, mexicans
and americans,  ... just as they did with blacks and whites, royalists and 
republicans, catholics and protestants in Ireland ... same old trick but still working !!!

Meanwhile, they laugh big time at all of us fighting each other over who
is part or not of the conspiracy, or which of their puppets will win an

So, so, Bibi has brought his stone to the current global rise of antisemitism, call it antisionism or anything, and what I weary about is, more than the perspective of a new holocaust, why do 'they' put the jews in the front row one more time, if not to have them blamed upon their next false flag that, seeing the circonstances (Fukushima) will probably be of a worldwide scope. As if mankind has not had enough yet with the evil giving the cards ...

(BTW, Bibi should beware not to get a kiss from 'Peres the jesuit' like Rabin and Sharon ...)