Monday, June 25, 2012

Running Out of Wrongs in Our Nimrodian ‘Civilization’

Israel's Pdt, 
... a 'Good Pupil',

with Big Brother, Nimrod Way

Today's Tragedy, Looking Backward

On the contrary to the title of the following article,
'leaders' are 'pre-corrupted' because if they were not,
they would not become who they are.

The CULT is everywhere, not only about Leaders but Nation, Army,
Science, and inside Language, Laws, Habits, Beliefs ...

Man does not define oneself by a country, a political view, a football club, a perfume, a hobby, a religion,
but by how good people in his environment have been toward him, parents first, and how good he is to his own acquaintances, himself first, basically. Love is the building stone of life and is the only one that can be sustainably, eternally might I say, used to build with.

"And Cush begot Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one in the earth.
He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; wherefore it is said: 'Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the LORD.
And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, ..."

Following is a list of 8 of the biggest cities at the time that he founded. Nimrod, 'the hunter' unlike Essav or Ichmael did not spend his time in the wilderness running after animals. His game was man, people. In order to reign, he needed people to work for him, and rules to divide these people. The perfect and only way to achieve a space limited but time durable authority was to have men build towns, live together on their 'own' rules except one, idolize the master, the soul hunter, the people gatherer.

Cities, towns are the perfect nest to rule over easily. People who live in cities are solitary blinds, fearful of the other and naturally willing to accept a strong authority, no matter the kind if they feel 'protected' in their 'rights' (even Sodom's style) to get the reward of a good slave, no less than the other slaves, a little more if possible. Man in society is very wary of his well being, and of the conditions to maintain it over the time. Man naturally assesses all the possible threats to his aim of doing the best life he can, and, though he is fighting teeth and nails to improve his benefits, his first move always is to preserve what he has, as little as it could be.

Preserving one's lot is not easy in the city, and one needs eventually help from a police force, from laws. In Nimrod's time appeared the first recorded sets of laws. Man's laws are the expression of the people desire for security and 'justice', but, most of the time, the city dweller will refrain oneself on his own because man is very cautious of being downsized by whatever accident could happen so quickly in the dangerous city's labyrinth of competition and egotism. Equality laws are the best warrant against justice, liberty laws against freedom and fraternity against (unsubsidised) helping hands. 

"La fièvre de la lutte sur les places publiques et sur les champs de bataille a disparu, et avec elle la vie. L'ordre règne partout; l'ordre est la mort des peuples.

(Dumas, Sylvandire, Mazarin young speaking to Richelieu old for the first time)
: "The fever of the fight in public places and on the battlefield has disappeared, and with her did life. Order reigns everywhere; order is the death of peoples."

 Dumas resumed France's history of power concentration as this:

At the beginning of the 18th century, the two dominant powers still were the nobility and the clergy. At the end, it was nation-states and justice courts, with in sight the first banking-corporations.
The illuminati roadmap built on the precedent historical success to concentrate power and planned France to be its first ‘America’, it first ‘super-country’. Alexandre Dumas summarizes as follow the path: “Louis XI brought down the great vassals, Richelieu decimated the nobles, Robespierre mowed the aristocracy.” (Sylvandire, p8)

The paradox is that man, naturally, not unlike animals, when put in a competitive and dangerous environment will first react as a good sheep and pray the established order before all his desires to change it, himself or the other. Instead of getting rid of his new competitors, he will secure 'the best he can' at all cost, the least being at the boot of a tyran's minion ... even with no games, eh ! Cesar would have dreamed of it !!, and ...
no bread, well, Hitler was a kind of precursor experiment, hoping not, bs"D.

The ideal place to raise generations of willing slaves is the City, as Nimrod was the first to understand and to put in practice, and what a practice !! From the cities he built with his mighty wicked strength emerged the first biggest empires: Babel, Akkad, Ashur, Niniv ... What a success for a 'hunter' !! What a blame for humanity not having been able to have enough peace between one another to build a free-man true civilization based on nature, love ... and not fall over and over in the arms of tyrans and 'sins'.