Monday, June 04, 2012

Let's Stand Up Together

(Caution: Link on the video screen NOT Kosher)

What kind of a sneezing will it take to wake up people from their lethargy of ages ?
And, providing they'll wake up, will they stand up ??
And then, what for ???

Admitting the two first conditions are resolved, let's focus on the last. The biggest immediate life threatening problem worldwide is water and sanitation. The more or less 1.5 billion people living in slums (or slum like conditions) need water but, for the greatest number of them, in India & China, there is no more underground ressources available.

How Water Is Being Used to Enslave the People

The first PROJECT of a 'New World Order', a good one for once ! ought to be the providing of water to these places, and it is not that difficult ... There are worldwide thousands of miles of pipelines for gas and petrol, and it is more than enough. We should build now pipelines for water and, in the case of India & China, it would not be an impossible challenge to do that from Siberia where there is plenty.

Russia has plenty of freshwater

And, meanwile, reconverted tankers would sail with water during the time that war supporting corporations like Blackwater - which name would be transformed into Whitewater - would build the necessary infrastructure !!
Sounds good ?? The same could be done even easier for Africa ... North America & the Middle East.

There are endless projects that could be started, provided humanity commits itself on a life sustaining path and stops following the actual death one. Stop looking at Mars pics, for G.d's sake and see the daily pain of billions of us with in mind the certainty that we could easily resolve it with today means if they were redirected from war to life.

Come on you, you and you, we have the power to do it, now !!!
And you know what ...
DON'T VOTE, or take a white sheet and write on it something like "Justice for the Hopeless" - meaning ...

and remember this well, since it is the second most important thought of this blog,

It is NOT Power that Corrupts
Corruption that Creates Power.

(Concerning 'the West', recycling is more than an issue !!)

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

The World needs stability, in housing, in communities, in work, in viable infrastructures. Life has overcrowded the cities in spate of developing the countryside in reasonable communities linked to 'work cities' that would be 'eco-friendly', that would be accessible to all and that would provide all the basic services to everyone. The world, we must care of trees, plant forests, stop all nuclear activities as quickly as possible, stop building arms but design living spaces for everyone according to their desires, locally.  'The West' must stop with progressing for a while, who needs a Ferrari except a real pilot ? - 40% of all fabricated goods are thrown away during their first times of use ...

Everyone must be able to raise a family decently, while, if unemployed, in providing a few hours a week in a community service of his choice, in all the possible kinds of work, according to one's own choice. The price of manufactured essential goods, including nearly everything like the cost of living that is alike a market valued investment, the price of life in 'the West', as well as, proportionally, in 'the East', is over any decent possible existence for maybe 90% of mankind, mainly, again, in the cities. Employment cannot be the only possible earning, employment as it is considered now in our profit based society of 'run or die'.

There is space, look at a map of Siberia, Sahara ... Is going on Mars that easy that we're not able to be happy where we are ???

Let's plant forests, build irrigation systems, utilize the atmosphere natural filter and circulating system and create clouds, that will also filter the sun, let's 'refill the atmosphere, replant the earth, with seeds, of love, let's live together !!