Friday, June 01, 2012

Reflect the Time

We are drugged, body & mind, with illusions, our ‘owns’ and the ones we’re happily ‘fed with’, illusions of wealth, of happiness, of imaginary worlds to come, of past history, of future’s wrong dreams, or broken real dreams.

Billie (Holliday), died 44, liver's failure, 
mankind's failure, love's failure, 
friendship's failure, parent's failure,
but they were in the same case,
weren't they ? even worse, wasn't it ?
Only petty ugly souls can thrive
in the shitty messy world of today, 
and of yesterday, 
and of tomorrow ???

Man is not the top animal’s world evolution but an atrophied creature that thrived because precisely of his handicap. He wants to be more than an animal because he is less than that, to begin with !

Man is an animal with a defect: he must learn who he is and find      
the way to become such. Animals are naturally wired to who they are and who they must be. Instead of having sthg more, man has sthg less !! Man has a missing connection to the inner sense of how to be a man and then, to the outer world, thinking he is more than a beast when he is less …

Maybe the real evolution of primates that had led to Neanderthal, who should have dominated, except Neanderthal had no missing link and then, did not evolve as quickly as the Cromagnon. 
The missing link made 'modern' man work together to supply his lack of ‘instinct’ and then, he overcame in his fight the ‘natural man’s evolution’, but he also become some kind of an error in wanting to dominate and be a king.

Mankind begs for more love, more compassion, more sharing, more art, more goodness, more good men and women who are evidently denied to live such true lives by the ones who 'govern', what a distressing word !!, since time immemorial, and, with today's sophistication of power, if we don't do something, we're lost, as can be seen already everywhere around, and, as the earth we live in is a one of its kind, well, that crime
of denying people the ability to be who they could and would is a crime in front of the eternity, and I do seriously advise, I wish to anyhow, all of you that are on the wrong way to stop as far as they can, to help others, to help themselves, to learn, to teach, to love and share, from this very moment, the world needs good actions, the world needs love like flowers need water.

Yeah man.

Organized poverty creates an artificial solidarity that is hard to go by.

Organized luxury is disgusting, the occidental wealth and its efforts to protect these stones, their buildings of marble and tears are a crime before the universe.

White man is a redneck, but there are rednecks anywhere, 
grown up men are most of them rednecks, I'm afraid,
I'm frightened of, what a world, for how long more ??