Sunday, July 01, 2012

"Walking in G.d's Footsteps" ... Not Spielberg's Way

Learn to trust yourself :
Nobody is better placed than ... yourself, to know 
what you have to do or not to do  !!!
(which is more The question than 'to be ...')

Man is enlisted, at work, in the labor world, at home, his 'rest place', at all time, by so many means, externals (phone, tv, screens, publicity, sound, images ... people ! oneself being the first !! 
We are so 'fitted' in 'the system ... 

We have so many tasks to do to only fit in, before ever gaining anything worth of it. 
We are litterally living a life outside our own self, by choice (most of the time a selfish choice, because of the reward at the end of the tunel, and because it is wanted so by profit and design) or by force !!
We don't listen no more to the 'inner voice', in so many choices ! so important in our lives ! 
We listen to everything in the 'material world' except our own soul's whisper.

An ant acts only on that 'whisper', a lion too, the universe ... and not a man ??
Paul Féval, "Le jeu de la mort", 1850

'Civilizations' (In reality - you know, black is white, ... -, civilizations are the permanent killing in the nest of all attempt, should there be some, to rise and fructify a true human oriented form of social contract not based on a 'nimrodian' codified slavery dictatorship) have passed, man has changed, not to say evolved even if, in a way, mankind did evolve, but the wrong has stayed and is overwhelming, as of today, and yesterday (Or does it not ?).

You find here and there good people, but after a long time and in small comity, in kinda sects. Oh, most of them officials (...), or undeclared like those Hare Krishna born children (well, in their thirties) in rural Florida.
Good people ... to their kind.
That's not what mankind needs, either.
In yellow some of the typical 'NWO' signatures.

Couldn't let go by the Fish Like Members ...

(and I forgot "Dominica's Pride" - the beer ...
as if there could be a pride on a land 
where, except basic food, you don't get nothing ???)

"Businessman and music promoter Loftus Emmanuel has died. He passed away at the Princess Margaret Hospital this morning. Emmanuel was best known as the man who sold CD's at a stall near the Old Roseau Market and for organizing musical events on the island. "

If it was not tragic, Groucho Marx could have had something to do with that story.
A "businessman" and a "music promoter" ???
 Who sells one cd a week in a 'shanty bright painted case' ??
I saw that 'Roseau Market', near the river in the south of the city, 
where I bought 3 leaves of cigarette paper to a guy like him
in the middle of hidden but distressed poverty ...

Let's remember there are world round some, well, at the very least !! 
1 billion China, 1  India, 2 rest of Asia, Africa and South America, 
and the other countries of the 'developped' world
who have their 'poors' too on a total of  7 billions,
who live in despair year, day, second around, 
because a hungry stomach count the time better than 
any Swiss wach, doesn't it ???

So, don't do as "thou wilt" but as what you hear from inside, as long as it is 'for the good', as much as you can, everywhere, anytime. Doing good is life, and to get a life, you have to live, first, decently and in a friendly opened supporting place, I mean, everywhere where is a man, because one sole man (or woman of course, I never write it but I hope it is evident) is mankind, as one cat is 'catkind' - in progress for man ...).

Oh, and see these ones:

"The loss of spiritual values and the worship of money and material possessions could be 
contributing factors for the surge of violent crime in Dominican communities."

"Barbadians Testify in Alleged Satanic Ritual Murder Trial"

Did 'civilization', the conquerant Anglo-saxons here, not succeed in its noble task ??? 
In such a paradisiac place for all species, but not man ?

Blame the victim, 'they' say, don't 'they' ??

Did I hear 'human farming' ?
Many 'ingredients' anyhow ...

Did I hear not 'Mengele' ???
Oh, shocking !!!
(in fact, Mengele applies better to other places before all)

I always have understood anarchy, no god, no master, 
if the god is the god of the churches, whatever churches,
 and the master is that  perverted for power self appointed master.

Read from Tardi "Brouillard au pont de Tolbiac" !!

But, what a  reductory concept !!