Thursday, July 12, 2012

1914 - 2014: A Century of All Out War on Humanity

Unfortunately, there has been, since at least half a century on an industrialized worldwide scale, many ‘Points of No Return’ for mankind and planet earth, that are, for a growing part of them, no more recoverable.

(link between the soul, the essence of the individuality, and the environment, one's own body included)
Well, you choose !!
     (I put only  a few examples of each kind but they are unfortunately countless …  and only for the ones we can account of !)

There are also links of differents natures between these categories. The common point is that there IS an 'End Game'. It goes from losing consciousness, on different levels, losing physical abilities, up to death, losing our 'ground roots', better said, sawing the branch we sit on because some of us ARE responsible for all the mayhem that falls on milliard of living entities, individual 'soul based' top of the evolution creatures, people and animal.

Scarily enough, if one looks at the people in the street carefully and with a forewarned eye, many of us live a life that creates troubles so big to cope with that a lot of people are already beyond a normal human existence, beyond the ability to 'come back' to a normal personality. The real theater is in the street, and it is no comedy. Things take time to put in place but when the outcome is near, it can be pretty fast, even more so if it is intended by some BA$TARD$.

Arms Exports
War Deaths 1945 - 2000

There may never be any more revolutions, though most of them were artificials, because there we all are already in a near zombie state. What do we need to find ways to free oneself from oppression if the one is the first to need his enslavement, voluntarily or not, if one doesn’t even feel enslaved, if most of manking has already reached a tipping point, with no hope for a change ???

'The End', as many false prophets or true devils are seeing coming, might be a lot more fearful than any terrible event that they have imagined and that would come from outside. The cruel reality is that 'The End' comes from inside, and that it is maybe already too late ! Moreover, don't forget that today's Roman empire is the whole earth, that the neo-nimrodian barbarians, this time around, are inside and that mankind has never been distressed and sick like today.

The fool may not be the only one,
and for sure, not the most out of the picture
despite the appearance ...