Thursday, July 19, 2012

Under the Glass Bell of Tradition

'From the place I stand', I see mankind globally under the influence of fear, the fear of not knowing, and of not 'being known', and consequently, its adherence to anything that can free his consciousness of that vital problem rises young (children have open eyes) and remains, involving tragic consequences. From drugs to churches, from stadiums to balls, from Princeton to a New Delhi's slum, man will respect and even give his life to tradition. Tradition encompasses all realms of life, tradition is the most powerful collective force of a people, even if plainly, evidently, clearly wrong. It seems man, and woman first, cannot act out of traditions even if he, she, their children suffocate behind the glass walls of ineptitude, of insanity, of folly, of death.

Man is early ready to enlist in anything, from a bottle to a monk's dress because he needs to know where to arrive before leaving the coast. Man craves for a sens to his life, early on, and since nobody will answer his most basic questions, well, he boards any train, puts blinders on and go. 99%  though, he will go straight into the arms of tradition under a way or another, and never move from there. Man loves to secure his interests, no matter the size. Here lies the difference we have to do between people who have and those who have not.


'The west' lives in its own illusion of progress, of success, of stone, but still does not understand the world, beginning with his children because simply it doesn't know who it is, and  the reality it sees, be it natural or artificial, is a coktail of half truths diluted in self-indulgent mediocrity and voyeurism. Tradition is the vector for keeping a bad dream up for, "if I had to endure it, why not others" ? One for all ... Nonetheless, man has a natural desire to succeed in his life, and with no good choice, what to do ? Become an ermit ? a homo ? or succeed, in anything, as long as possible. Is there another way ?


While some in 'the west' are devising 'better' ways to keep their 'free flock' happy, most in the east are craving for food and water, daily. They don't plan their next holiday. They don't even live, they survive, oh ! with bright colors, but with no water. If in 'the west', people know they are slave to their own system, this is not so apparent in 'the east'. The 'masters' don't live near the slum. The worldwide oppression has there another dimension, another tradition ... Leading a poor's life is quite 'expensive' because you buy with a great percentage of your income basic stuff that costs you a lot, when you can afford to buy it, or to find it ! The 'crisis' in the west is for the 'poors' only, but in 'the east', the way out of it is near to zero. There is there a daily world desaster of unimaginable proportions, concerning peoples' lives, humans' souls.

Well, there's a party in the slum, as well as a ball at Versailles, and noone knows where the laughing is the loudest !! The word of it all is to become your own hero, 'à la Saint Exupéry', I mean, seing in every other being a 'Petit Prince', the small prince, or princess we were all when children, the small pricnces and princesses that are around us, and present them, and you, with the image of a man, of someone who looks straight, who smiles, who listen, who loves the other, any other. There is no global solution, and, until the glass cap of deception, of 'powder power', of slavery is lifted one and for all, we must grow up individually and collectively. 'I'm an art dimension' sang a young woman from  East Village in 1984 ... After playing, art is probably the most needed occupation !! Because like playing, art is about the seriousness of life, art is life, after all, and the contrary. 

Where the glass cap of slavery, well, the part that is not auto-slavery, be lifted, everyone under it should sprout and not make war. There are good people and good reactions of people in our time and this should be enlightened, as well as known solutions to replace banking, 'conventional' medecines and medical care, schooling system, cities management, farming, learning, sharing ...
Our first job as human has to do with who we are, alone and together, and rise the level, morally, spiritually, give playing a part as arts, and befriend each other, never be indifferent to the people you go along in your life. As we learn from a group of birds' flight, the distance between us cannot be measured in meters, feet or whatever !!!


Nelson Mandela is ‘free’ and who is he greeting on his 94th birtsday ? Bill Clinton, a small world …
When mankind is spiralling into madness, naturaly or artificialy, voices are heard, all around, that cast a hope, although so so small, about the future of humanity, the world where are living our kids. Here is an example,  about India, the 'Commonwealth', Egypt - full in tradition in itself but turned for a 'less wrong' way - , everywhere the 'brits' go through, the grass does not sprout !!

"British sponsorship of the Muslim Brotherhood should not be surprising. The policy of the British Empire was to maintain London's colonies in a state of underdevelopment. In the Middle East, the British have always sought out the corrupt tribal leaders and the venal clergy to lead movements whose objectives have always seemed to coincide with British imperial objectives." (pp. 100-101)  
(This is what they are doing to the human race in general. Our "leaders" are Freemasons, just like the MB - Makow) "

comment from Nancy (Cairo)

I personally know many genuine people, including University students, who have taken part in this 'uprising'. They are not the type who just care about food and TV, or just spouting out slogans, but have been involved in many programs and activities to help make life better for their fellow Egyptians and Palestinian neighbours (though unfortunately the food aid they collected for Palestine was not allowed past the borders). Joining them are intellectuals, legal minds and social reformers from across the political and social spectrum. There are real people here bravely and thoughtfully working towards real reform. Please do not insult them. 

Whether they succeed or not you should commend them for trying - hopefully those friends of my daughter's who have died and been injured have not done so in vain.
The Egyptians have proved to the world and, more importantly, to themselves that they have what it takes to make their country a better place to live. People like my husband and neighbours all over the country have cooperated and spent sleepless nights guarding their homes and neighbourhoods - agreeing that when this is all over they'll do something to clean the place up. The suspicion planted between Muslim and Christian has evaporated - the truth is out - in the absence of police and security forces not one Church or Mosque has been damaged.

I remember visiting my grandmother as a child, nearly 40 years ago, when the doors between her and her Christian neighbours were never closed and we would run between the two apartments feeling it was just one big happy family. Can those days return? Society has changed but the last 12 days showed us a turn for the better. I truly pray that no-one hijacks this momentum.

Can you imagine a protest anywhere in the world with over 2 million in one area where no-one was assaulted - physically or verbally (except Mubarak) or harassed. You must commend the Egyptians for holding the most civilised protests in such large numbers (until government thugs rained on their parade of course). Not to mention their creativity in funny signs and head protection. Please check out this video: "Egypt: A new spirit of national pride"

Many of us are aware of what you and others have written about the possibility of their being a sinister hidden agenda behind this uprising - but given the blatant corruption and cruelty of this mafia style government - we have no hesitation in protesting to try and change the current regime. We just pray that everyday Egyptians lives will be better under whatever/whoever comes next."

Paul Verlaine