Sunday, July 08, 2012

Life Begins With A Decision

In mathematics, there is no arrow of time. The result of a calculation can be + or - with no affect on the calculation process and its result. Life, as we live it, is not so, quantum mechanics has reinstalled the time factor at the elementary level of physics, if it was necessary. The 'Before & After' reality expresses itself in the present which is the only place where life evolves, continually, change after change, move after move, drop after drop, information after information, decision after decision from the atomic quantic level to the universe's one, through flowers, genes, particles, thoughts, emotions, humans, but without modifying the total amount of energy, the whole quantity of 'being'.

"Berechit Bara Elohim", the three first words of the Torah that have been so much commentated say just that: life appeared in a decision, an action, the first and the last; all that will evolve with time has been created at once and for all, a decision made action, a 'thought made reality', a mathematical plan activated with time, a hologram where light is information, decision, love. What is being alive ? Being conscious and feeling good, this is what life is about, from an electron to a galaxy, from a baby to a old elephant, living together and pray.