Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Jewish People Died with King Shaul

King Shaul's death was a suicide, and with that ended the Hebrews of old as a people who did not managed to become what it could have been (In fact, the Hebrews were already brain dead when they asked Schmuel to ask G.d to give them a king). With King David began the era of wrongs and deceipt. 

"The Statues of the Future"
... and of the past !

David was no jew. 

(Shaul's suicide act was more that of a 18th century
european degenerated noble than that of a first king of Israel !)

Mankind is drowned in myths, the best frauds being probably the christian and the jewish one. As explained brightly Joseph Ehrilch, Moabites made their way inside the hebrews with/since Ruth. If you read the Psalm 2, for instance, you'll see right away. The Philistines (cousins of Nimrod - Gen.10/14) killed Shaul's sons. Shaul's bones were buried only after his body being burned because probably of his suicide (I Sam.31/12-13). That was the miserable end of a people who understood more idolatry (or fundamentalism), than love and share with honesty and purity. But this was thousands years ago, and we are enlightened aren't we ? 

There is a reknown catholic church, an old wise jewish people, a fantastic buddhist empire, great monks, rabbis and priests, good religious laws, temples, synagogues, churches worldwide, and Islam , and ... why worry people !! 

Just get adopted, and shut up.

("adopte un mec" = adopt a guy/chap)
(This would please H.MAKOW !)

By the way, there is a 'pandemic' of adoptions, in the US, you can adopt a highway !!

But the real adoption is very close to Lawrence Anthony experience with 'his rogue heird' in Thula Thula, a heird who came out of the savannah to pay its respect to his death, with no SMS to learn about the event !!
What the 'elephant whisperer' says in the video is, among all, that he did not speak to the elephants but, as he was determined enough to help 'their way' and patient enough to wait for the answer, he understood it. 
He did not adopt them but was adopted by them.