Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Words to Build a World

"Chema Israel, Hachem Elohenu, Hachem Echad"

"Hear Israel, G.d is our G.d, G.d is one"

Well, we all know now that every entity is related to and affected by all the others, and that mankind is in itself a particular group of relations, just like the bees or the stars in a galaxy, we also know that if we don't do our human job, properly, nobody else will do it, and the net result of this and that is that we must be united as a people, as peoples, and that the best way to achieve unity is not to pray God together, one next to the other, but to pray to one another in the name of G.d.

The small prayer jews say before closing the eyes does not adress G.d but 'the people', and, still before closing the eyes, this prayer asks all the others, and oneself, not to forget that we all have a G.d, that It is the same one for all and that It is unique and undivisible.

Those simple words are aimed at keeping a people united, despite their egoism and selfishness, despite their desire not to be responsible of the other and of oneself; and the first word is: "Chema", 'Listen'. No, we don't ask G.d to listen - does He not listen to the plants ? - we ask our brother to hear because it is him who is far away, it is him and ourself that is better off not to listen and do his part.

This is the only way to 'create' a people, and not only to bond together a people but a FREE PEOPLE !!

Mankind problem is that it has always created countless places to regroup but there has never been a people !! Only endless individuals who see no further than their belly and pocket, in any kind of meeting. There is no people because their is no values, real values, uniques and shared, actively. The only strong enough value to bond such lonely dimmed stars is the universe and 'the force' behind it, that I believe is the G.d revealed through the Torah, but not the one described and revered by the churches (I mean all of them), that same G.d that is the Creator, the Designer of all things, the G.d who 'took' the jewish people out of Egypt.

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