Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will Dawn Rise Tomorrow ?

I began to write on values, on how people's values are the real fight, how values have been feminized lately, which they have always been anyway, how values are not what is studied as such but how people behave toward one another in the day to day life ... I wanted to say that, when there is an infinity of choices in values, it is the same as if there was no choice at all, or as if values had not the deep meaning they are supposed to have, that then, values are a mere entertainment for the lost human tribe and not a mere different choice than chosing a sweet in a candy store.

Queen Elisabeth II or Angela Merkel ? 
...Btw, the king is really a tiny king ! Louis XIII would have sent Disney
into the Bastille for such a crime of 'lèse majesté' !!

Shall the dawn rise tomorrow ? Has there been a dawn for mankind since its beginning ? Past is the heaviest stone to carry if one doesn't learn from it.

Every man and woman on earth has been a child, a loving child, full of life, of projects, a 'one of he's kind' child, a playful, shy, laughting young human. Every man and woman on earth is no more the child he had been, and sometimes, this happens pretty early, do I need to give examples ? In understanding that adults are so and so, to say so, children become a totally different species than the one they seemed to prepare for.

See a cat, any animal, they are serious; even whan a cat plays, it plays 'seriously'. So does a child. Look at children, anyone !! Life is no joke for them; they feel, strongly, with no artificial backing, that they are not living by chance, that life, their own but all of it too, has a purpose, a goal. In children's eyes, playing is part of life, and should remain so because playing is a serious business, not a joke. You'll say adults too play, and play 'seriously', even so that they sometime would sacrifice everything else for it, and this is where the difference lies. A child will play seriously, but will not allow, by his own will, playing to become a fundamentalism in his life, in his mind. Adult games are no game in a child's eyes, ... because a child has values, and precisely, values about the seriousness of playing. If you search for values, just ask your child, I mean, the child you were ! You'll find out why playing is so serious, and good for all, but not as a kid grown old, and not as a therapy for overused employees.

Because children feel and need hope; they hope of fun, of beauty, of happiness, of discoveries, of true progress, of sharing love, more seriously than the most serious adult !!

On market day in Chinchero, Sacred Valley, Peru.

So, where does the chain breaks ? Where is the weak link ? Do I have to tell ? But this is what frightened me, the thinking of 'no return events', like fuoridation, heavy metals, chemtrails, DU, 'Cloud 9', turning off peoples' souls, man's health and spirit ...,  and humanity is on an already tipping point concerning its health, body and soul, its values, its daily life, its own image. People are proned to adhere to a cult, any cult from Budweiser to Freud or Marx, and go through all, all, all fabricated ways to get involved in, that will free their mind of thinking, of seeing their near environment as what it is and as something they are part of, something they should care about.

The point is here, every man must be a man, where there is none, and remember he, she was a child, before all, and remember that in doing wrong, the first one he curses is himself, the child he, she was. There are thousands of churches, speaking of god, the evil, the next football game, all doing the same job with different letters. They provide man with his most cherished illusion of a self-designed world, of a self-legitimacy over 'his' world, of the vanity of being his own master. This is not so. As children know, we are not alone, we have parents, biological, who have loved us, we have nature, that provides us with all the needs we may have, and nature gives love too ! 

We have a way in front of us, a good sustainable beautiful path to walk on, children know this ... we also know . This could be said the 'natural path', or 'natural destiny' that tends toward sharing the wealth of good things. When one acts for good, he is never alone, he is on his way, that happens to be also the universe's way, without a full tank, half a box of cigarettes and a brainwashing slogan he bought himself, one late night, in an underworld church. On the contrary, the dark coats, the yellow monks or the red priests who look like they are 'together' are darn lonely, in their sysiphean fight to be reknown, praised, to be on stage, althugh they already are self bonded, and in their coffin, luxurious or not ...

We need to be what children love to be, friends, serious friends of course, not foes, neither fools on as many lonely hills. He who controls, not the media, but the thoughts runs the game. And not the 'official thoughts' but the day to day people's thoughts, interests, memories, values. There is a world to reshape, to better, to invent outside the nimrodian way of slavery for profit, of illusion for reigning, of deshumanizing for competing further away from sanity, from feedom, from self respect. History, education, work, the whole society has a step to take for emerging from the ashes where it dwelves for so long, its own ashes, and the 'game' should be taken on rather quickly, because the Caterpillar advances, oh ! slowly, so so slowly ...

Being a child when an adult is no more good than having to be an adult when a child. Life is a serious thing, like playing. If playing was not serious, would any child play ? 


"To accomplish that we must give nothing less than the whole of ourselves. There is a motto which has been borne by many of my ancestors - a noble motto, "I serve". Those words were an inspiration to many bygone heirs to the Throne when they made their knightly dedication as they came to manhood. I cannot do quite as they did.
But through the inventions of science I can do what was not possible for any of them. I can make my solemn act of dedication with a whole Empire listening. I should like to make that dedication now. It is very simple.

I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of 

Duquesa de Alba

Gipsy pilgrimage of the 'Virgen del Rocio', Spain

3500 years old, Nimrud