Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Promised Land ?


Mankind is dying, from not enough good and too much wrong.
Mankind is dying the easy way (!) (west) and the hard way (east*).
Mankind is dying because a few kill it while a majority eats & dreams.

Always coming back to La Boetie, at least; there are no news under the sun.

Are we screwed with no hope ???

(*: all those who 'have not')

It is not in the streets that man ought to raise barricades but in his mind.

Barricades should be raised inside against all the perverse inclinations of the heart, and that should be more than enough to have us be happy and free, without any statement whatsoever.

The 'promised land' was supposed to house a people, a united people, a grateful and faithful people who would have remember its way out of slavery, happy to be together and free.

Alas, the contrary happened, and as everywhere else on earth, the hebrews succumbed to their own inability to live together freely. They fought themselves against their own possible happiness, like all other peoples on earth.

The 'promised land' could not exist in such a context and it soon dissapeared as such ONLY because the people was not A People.

This is exactly what happens to the whole earth, the 'promised land' of mankind. Instead of planting trees in the desert, instead of building beautiful and liveable cities, man has created asylum to house the broken souls of warlike towns, the desperate remnants of nimrodian states.

The 'promised earth ' is becoming more  and more of a hell where the craziest of us lead over a populace of raped humans with no strong enough desire to act out of their inside ghettos. Pleasure is the norm because no one learns of the past and no one (wants to) understand the roots of the conflict. Man is able to adapt himself to astonishing different living conditions, from the ice to the desert, from Manhattan to Haiti, but no human on earth goes the right way to reach an understanding of his own existencial needs, to the point that everyone fights for a 'better place' in the same 'system' that is killing him slowly, at best.


Drinking water worldwide is no more water but a lethal mix of slow killing components. Not only fluorid intentionally added but antibiotics, from cattle mostly, oestrogens from anti-pregnancy pills, nitrats from agricultural, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals from industries, human feces in India ...