Thursday, July 26, 2012

G.d Needs NO Jewish Ziggurat


G.d needs a People, not a place where to worship him, NEKUDA (point).

 The Hebrews of old craved to be a people like all others surrounding them with a king and a place to worship. They did not understand, except for Moses, Yehoshuah Bin Nun and a handful of others how could they live without such an artificial front for their existence. They were not united in the heart and needed coertion, social and religious laws. G.d had predicted all that by giving them, in addition to the basic and normally sufficient moral laws the codes for building such a form of a society with all the appearances of a 'normal' people, He instructed them on how to create a place where He would show Himself behind a curtain to be worshipped as an 'ordinary god'.

The real tragedy of the Hebrews temple is not its destruction but its building. There was no need for a Jewish ziggurat, as it is shown contracted in the picture above but, in the absence of unity (see only the 'twelve explorers' story), and with a lack of experience, fully understanding AT THE TIME, it was not condemnable. But as of today, it is a shame not only to mourn the temples destruction but to want it rebuilt when no one understands the events signification, and when the temples' merchants thrive more than ever inside the Jewish people.